Is Norm Coleman's Wife Really In That Kitchen?

[youtube expand=1]

Here's a new ad for Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman, who by all accounts should be losing his re-election bid this year but will win because the Democrats have nominated an unfunny hack comedian, Al Franken, to challenge him. None of this changes the fact that this ad is grating on all the usual levels, but there's a special terrible twist in addition!

Some Liberals in Minnesota think that his hot wife, Laurie Coleman, has been cropped into the video. This would make sense, since his wife lives in Los Angeles and wants to be a Movie Star, or at least the filet of home gadget teevee commercial actresses. The Coleman campaign has called this a "left-wing, liberal" conspiracy theory, noting that Laurie Coleman is in the kitchen at all times, making pies for her Family Values Husband.

Laurie Coleman edited into her husband's ad? [MN Blue]

Coleman ad: it's real []


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