Is Our Hillary Going To Drop Out Or Not? Someone Find Out!

Can Obama do it? Can Hillary force herself to lose? Every reporter in the country is scanning e-mails, harassing sources, divining from "expense reports," following travel schedules, monitoring clandestine superdelegate meetings, et cetera et cetera and so forth, to see what's gonna happen tomorrow. Here's a bulleted list of tea leaves being read. Our guess? Hillary herself has not even considered making a plan yet.

  • Obama wants a clinch tomorrow night and is drunk dialing all his superdelegates with the "All the cools kids are endorsing me" line of persuasion. [AP]
  • Hillz is headed to her hard-working white "mansion" in Chappaqua, New York tonight to "huddle" with her advisors and Bill Clinton over tea, crumpets, and tears. [Newsday]
  • Clinton staffers are urged to turn in their expense receipts by the end of the week. So Barack Obama can pay them, like a gentleman? [Marc Ambinder]
  • Nothing on Hillary's schedule beyond Wednesday morning. Maybe she is just the President of Procrastination? [ABC News]
  • Hillary's top campaign fundraising chair: "I strongly suspect that you're going to see a wait and see attitude until at least Wednesday." She also mentions that she has no idea what the hell she's talking about. [TPM Election Central]
  • Tom Edsall is old, and probably knows things, and he says the Tea Leaves indicate some serious quitting in a day or two. In other words, Tom Edsall can read. Hooray! [Huffington Post]
  • And by far the most important sign is that Harold Ickes may have gotten the memo: "Top adviser Harold Ickes and fundraising director Jonathan Mantz held a conference call with top donors Monday. Among other things, Ickes said Clinton most likely would not appeal a ruling by the Democratic Party rules committee seating the delegation from a disputed primary in Michigan, according to a participant who described the call on condition of anonymity." [AP]

Love you Hillz! Make good choices and drink responsibly at Chappy tonight!


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