Is President Steve Bannon The REAL White House Leaker? MAAAAAYBE!

He looks leaky, TBH

Remember, a few months back, there was much ado about how there are two teams in the White House, one led by President Steve Bannon, and the other led by Son-In-Law Jared Kushner, and that they were fighting over who would wield the MOST influence over the hardened orange hunk of expired Cheez Whiz in the Oval Office? Things were looking WAY BAD for Bannon there for a minute, especially after he called Jared a cuck. Everybody knows that the first rule of the hit reality competition show "Donald Trump Is President Of America" is that you do NOT under any circumstances call Jared a "cuck."

But things seem to have turned around! The FBI is all up in Jared's grille for all the dirty Russian meetings he's had with dirty Russians, and Trump is destroying the entire planet by doing Bannon's bidding and pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a move that Jared and Ivanka were on record as being VAGUELY AGAINST. Honestly, it's pretty clear these days, from how Trump is "governing," that this is actually the Steve Bannon presidential administration, and Trump is a mere puss-grabbing bystander. The only thing Jared seems to have accomplished lately is agreeing (but NOT urging, per the correction at the end of this five million word story!) his popsy-in-law should fire FBI director James Comey, possibly because Jared's kinda sorta really guilty. We all know how well that turned out for the Trump White House!

So what's going on? Is Bannon choreographing more of this than we know? Is it possible that one of the reasons Jared's perky buttcheeks are in the hot seat right now is because PRESIDENT STEVE BANNON is the one whispering leaky-leaks about Jared Kushner to the lying press? WHOA IF TRUE!

Consider this thing MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said Friday morning, as reported by Natasha Bertrand of Business Insider:

HMMMMMM! The New York Times scoop he's talking about came from the last week of March, when it reported that during the transition, Jared had met with Sergey Gorkov, head of the Russian state-owned VneshEconomBank (VEB), which is under U.S. sanctions stemming from Russia's invasion of Crimea. Jared failed to disclose that meeting! By the way, that news came out just a week or two before we learned Bannon called Jared a "cuck." Interesting timing!

What did Jared 'n' Sergey talk about? Did they discuss giving Russia a little happy love, by lifting those sanctions? The Trump administration apparently considered lifting the sanctions to be its first order of business when they arrived at the White House, as Michael Isikoff reported on Thursday. Did they talk about hair products? Did they talk about Kushner family Russian debt, possibly maybe? DID THEY TALK ABOUT ALL THOSE THINGS?

ABC News reports that congressional committees are specifically looking into that meeting, specifically as pertains to whether Jared "was vulnerable to Russian influence during and after the campaign because of financial stress facing his family firm’s signature real estate holding," a skyscraper in Manhattan the company bought "at the height of the real estate boom." Buried in that article is this little thing, which jumped out at Wonkette and made us say HUH HOW 'BOUT THAT:

Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute, (which was founded by Trump adviser Stephen Bannon and funded in part by a Trump mega-donor, Rebekah Mercer), said the meeting “had conflict of interest written all over it.”

“You worry about a quid pro quo, you worry about Kushner getting some financial arrangement from a Russian financial institution, and you worry about White House policy being shaped in a way that benefits either those banks or Russia at large,” Schweizer told ABC News. “That's the concern.”

WHOA HEY GEE-FUCKIN'-WILLIKERS! Steve Bannon's pals -- the same guys who wrote "Clinton Cash" and got the New York Fuckin' Times to run it from their tax-exempt "charity," the "Government Accountability Institute," which paid Bannon $400,000 while also funneling a million dollars to some Breitbart "journalists" -- are just VERY WORRIED that maybe Jared and the Russians were 69-ing each other with pay-to-play quid pro quos, which would be UNETHICAL, according to Steve Bannon's pals, who are all extremely ethical. They are probably JUST SAYING, of course, and aren't trying to drive a wedge between Team Bannon and Team Kushner, and they certainly weren't told what to say about Jared's possible ethical entanglements/Russian crimes by any little birdies named PRESIDENT STEVE BANNON.

Unless they were, of course.

One more thing to JUST WONDER about. When the Washington Post reported on the meeting Jared had with the Russian ambassador, the one where they talked about Jared wanting to do a secret back channel with the Russians, the paper noted that it first heard about the meeting in "mid-December" via an "anonymous letter." The meeting only had just happened on December 1 or 2. We wonder who sent that anonymous letter! Was it "Obama people" doing "wire tapps" to Trump Tower, as Donald Trump has relentlessly bitched and moaned is the case?

Or was it President Bannon, going ahead and getting the ball rolling on undermining the White House "cuck" (he also called him a "globalist," which, when translated from "alt-right" to English, comes out as "gross Jew") who would be the biggest obstacle to his grand plans of using Donald Trump as his puppet to destroy America?

We are just wondering, and now so are you.

Trump says he wants to go after the leakers. Maybe he should figure out if the pock-marked slab of gelatinous swamp shit who's controlling his every move (AND PROBABLY CONTROLLING HIS BRAIN) is the one who's REALLY doing the leaking.

If so, Trump would probably agree that he should be YOU'RE FIRED.

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