Is Sally Quinn A Minotaur?

FancyNew York City glossy Vanity Fair has a new profile of Washington's Premier Hostess & Greatest Newspaper Writer, Sally Quinn, describing the turmoil this gal went through when her husband's newspaper, The Washington Post, decided to end her insane print column, "The Party," after she had used her space one week to describe a personal, social scheduling conflict of hers, and nothing else. How did Sally Quinn, Queen and Spokeswoman of the Washington Premier Socialite Village Lawn Party Country Club, ever survive this episode? With her magical minotaur powers, of course! Did you know that Sally Quinn is a *minotaur*?

Still quite the looker at 68, pulled together in gray wool pants and a lavender cardigan, Sally is ensconced in one of the many sitting areas of her stately Georgetown town house as she sets the record straight. First, she would like to clarify that she wasn't canned; the “Party” column had been intended only as a holiday-season offshoot of her On Faith Web site, and she'd started phasing it out anyway. Second, she feels no need to apologize. After the firestorm, she entered the concrete meditation labyrinth her husband had built for her on their country estate in St. Mary's County, Maryland, to think. When she came out the other side, she was clear. “I did exactly the right thing,” she says. The story of the “dueling” weddings had been out there, she explains, prompting all kinds of nasty online comments about her son and his bride-to-be. “I wrote that piece to protect them… If somebody goes after my kids, look out.”


[Vanity Fair]


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