Is Sarah Palin Running For Congress Or Is This A Cry For Help?

Is Sarah Palin Running For Congress Or Is This A Cry For Help?

Former Alaska governor, reality television veteran, and ruiner of the French twist Sarah Palin has been hinting all week that she just may be running for Alaska's sole US House seat. She would succeed Rep. Don Young, who held the seat for 49 years before passing away last week.

Appearing on Sean Hannity last night, Palin explained that she is ready to run ā€” if she decides that she needs that kind of platform to spread whatever nonsense it is that she is on about these days.

"There is a time and a season for everything," Palin said. "And if this season is one where I need a more official platform to have, then yeah, Iā€™m going to throw my hat in the ring because we need people that have cojones."

Thankfully she did not possess the amount of "cojones" required to just start literally singing that one song by The Byrds, though it did briefly seem like that was where she was going with this.

"We need people like Donald Trump, who has nothing to lose, like me," Palin continued. "We got nothing to lose and no more of this vanilla, milquetoast, namby-pamby, wussy-pussy stuff that's been going on, that's why the country is in the mess we're in, because people who run for office, they look at it as a job or a business instead of as a calling."

That is certainly a lot of ... genitalia-based euphemisms she's got there. Also a lot of noting that she has "nothing to lose," a phrase she used earlier this week while talking about her possible plan to run for the seat on Newsmax. Is this a cry for help? Does someone need to do a wellness check on Sarah Palin? That's a lot of times to tell people you have "nothing to lose."

The awkward thing is, it is entirely possible that Sarah Palin is now "too normal" to get elected in today's GOP. While she certainly set the stage for the Marjorie Greenes and Lauren Boeberts and Madison Cawthorns of the world, they have vastly outpaced her in terms of sheer lunacy and commitment to ignorance. She may very well be unable to keep up.

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