Is Scott Brown The Naked White Barack Obama?

This cat with the truck and the centerfold is, like our president, a formerly obscure state senator who then got elected to the US Senate. He is "young" and "exciting" and, unlike virtually every other Republican in the Senate, not a wart-covered old troll with a homosexual boyfriend problem. Ergo, Scott Brown will be president. One question, though: will we have to wait till 2012 to elect him?

Republicans from Lexington to Concord love them some handsome Scott Brown, who "brought change" to Massachusetts by bravely driving around in a truck -- a vehicle once banned by the People's Republic of Taxachusetts! Will his wild success at defeating a shitty candidate in a strongly anti-incumbent climate lead to further success, such as the presidency, immediately?

Remember, Barack Obama had only served in the Senate for two years when he announced he was running for President. There is no reason at all that Scott Brown can't announce his candidacy retroactive to several months ago, so that he can be the New Barack Obama in a couple of years. Think about it!


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