We knew we'd heard Trump's slogan somewhere before

Here we go again. Remember when Ronald Reagan talked shit about a “welfare queen” living it up in nice cars? That misogynoir narrative was embraced and repeated like it was passed down in the Ark of the GOP Covenant. With his example set, White Supremacy Agents -- activated! Shape of, anti-affirmative action backlash! Form of, The Southern Strategy! Fearing an emboldened KKK and Nazi resurgence, in 1980 Coretta Scott King rightly dreaded a Reagan presidency and the effects on the black community. And here the fuck we are again. But it's so much worse. I’m purposely not going into W’s sorry ass presidential career because Kanye ended him perfectly. Please enjoy Mike Meyers and Chris Tucker's reaction:

Paint that and ya dead Mama, George! Too soon? Oh well. I'm stressed the fuck out. The foulest most racist and sexist guy we know is president and not only is he all about it historically, he encourages the racist bloodlust in this country by attacking people of color (and everyone else) through his speech or by policy. This was just the first ten days for fucks sake!

The second this bloated orange fucker opened his yap as a candidate talking about his wall, racist vermin from the Pacific to the Atlantic perked the fuck up like a bare nipple on a cold day. The minute the flaccid GOP pricks made the racist (ALLEGED) raper their nominee, Charlottesville became possible. They even said so!

The GOP and white supremacists now go hand in hand like ice cream and cake. If the loathsome Tea Party was the official racist “fuck you” to the country for joyfully electing the first black president, Trump is the pearl necklace we never wanted and can’t return.

You know how the bigger the bag, the more crap you’ll find yourself carrying around on the daily? Or think of that three inch thick chiropractor-visit-inducing wallet in your back pocket. The bigger the vessel, the more shit you can lug around, right? Well let’s just imagine that the vessel is full of fucking deplorables and the bag keeps getting bigger, because more of them feel comfortable showing up now that we have a full blown racist-in-chief semaphore blasting, please proceed Nazis! The PussyGrabber has given them free rein on the biggest stage in the world and racists are now comfortable, I don't know, accosting pregnant military servicewomen over a parking spot? Yeah, that happened. Crazy old bitch was arrested, so, yay?

Trump keeps feeding his base of Ugly Americans with dog whistles ranging from his penis extender wall, talk of an immigration kibosh, and attacking black activists and their attempts at peaceful protest to even throwing out an oldie but goodie as a nod to his dead homey Reagan. Pour out a lil' liquor!

The Trump Effect can be seen in Redneck Applebee's servers racially profiling at will, accusing innocent young black women of a dine and dash only to return the next day to steal more chicken -- because we all look alike when we're "eatin' good in the 'hood." How fucking ironic, don't ya think? The cop is especially infuriating. He laughs but is impervious that black folks know damn well that in this particular racist climate, shit can go left from zero to murder super quick and that justice is rare. The young woman crying/shrieking tells you all you need to know about horrified shock, mortal fear, and the stinging slap of racism.

Racists in positions of authority don't even have to feign hesitation in defending organized racist activities as totally appropriate, because the 2AM Burger King said that this is what “very fine people” do. Mayors like Lee Kilbourn of Auburn, Michigan, can opine in between sips from his Coors tallboy that KKK Lite Meetups featuring pickups and Confederate flags held across the street from a high school is AOK and, dammit, people just need to "accept differing viewpoints." His Libtard school superintendent Stephen Bigelow contradicted the mayor, saying that they would look into if the "free speech demonstration" harassing black students by calling them "slaves" was “racially motivated.” For the cherry on top, some daffy parent was interviewed saying “kids will be kids…” Oh right, until somebody whistles at you and then it’s “string up the negros!”

It is of note that a scant three years prior, the same fool mayor was slightly more PC. Trump is such a liberator!

The stories are seemingly endless. I can't check my e-mail or the Twitter without more pictures of some college kids yucking it up in blackface (no expulsions!) or yet another couple being confronted for being brown or some bitter old prune beseeching someone to speak English or... It's true that there are more of these crazy wypipo instances popping up and documented due to technology/social media but that's only because this shit is on the rise like Trump's cholesterol. Emboldened is not the word! It's like Cap'n Fatass is the Night King and all these motherfuckas eyes turned blue when he rode down the infamous half-escalator.

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