We didn't want to let this day pass us by without letting you know Mike Huckabee is having a WRATH. You wouldn't like him when he is angry, just like you don't like him when he's happy and sad and mirthful and besieged by ennui. He's just an unlikable piece of shit. But let's not get distracted.

WRATH! Is that a butterscotch in Mike Huckabee's pocket, or is it a WRATH? It is a wrath. And also some butterscotches probably, underneath the WRATH. Mike Huckabee is so livid, it's probably the same way his son felt when he killed that dog.

Why such rage, Mike Huckabee? He explained on the Fox News:

MIKE HUCKABEE: If you have people who were nominated, and in the case of President Bush actually elected to be president by Republicans and they will no longer support the Republican nominee who went through the process and got elected, then I'm going to be not just unhappy, I'm going to be livid.


HUCKABEE: And I'll tell you why.


Oh wait, he already told us why. He is upset because George W. Bush and Mitt Romney aren't going to vote for Donald Trump, because Trump is garbage. And Huckabee probably knows that something has shifted in the past week or so, that it's become clear that the Trump presidency and re-elect are pretty much DOA at this point.

John Bolton is all LONG MUSTACHE HAIR, DON'T CARE, and is going to go ahead and publish his "I hate Trump" book later this month, even though the Trump White House hasn't given it the go-ahead. It seems pretty clear Bolton is betting that Trump is over, and that the Biden Justice Department won't bother prosecuting him.

We are rapidly reaching the point where just literally fuckin' nobody gives a shit what Trump says or does. And that includes a lot of Republicans, who would rather endure four years of Joe Biden and then try to come back with a fascist with more than two brain cells next time.

The rest of the clip is just a buncha hucka-splaining about how Trump is "pro-life" and the economy was awesome (until Trump turned the Obama economy into a recession, which was announced today). Also Huckabee says Trump "stood up to the (((globalists)))" and that "there's an incredibly long litany of things he's done." At least Trump isn't a LIBERAL like Joe Biden, Huck is whining in the general direction of Dubya and Mittens, who don't care what Huck whines about.

HUCKABEE: And some of them say, "But I don't like his personality." Well, get over it. This is not about electing a personality. Well this isn't Hollywood.

Um, pretty sure Trump is a reality TV celebrity who partially got "elected" by negative three million votes because he was a celebrity.

Also that's not why Dubya and Mittens aren't voting for Trump.

HUCKABEE: This is the rough, tumble world of politics. And maybe he's not as genteel as some of us would like. But, by gosh, he's getting the job done, and it's time Republicans rally because if they don't, they're going to get Joe Biden, who isn't pro-life, who is for higher taxes, open borders, he's going to succumb to China. Everything that we find disgusting he's going to embrace it, including the socialists out here.


And if those guys don't change their minds, they are going to incur Huckabee's WRATH.

Which ... as far as we can tell, the wages of crossing Mike Huckabee are just that he's going to make HILARIOUS COMEDIC STYLINGS about you on Twitter. So, if Dubya and Mittens and Colin Powell and all the other Republicans who are going to jump ship between now and November feel like they can withstand this ...

Then they will probably survive.

And that is some PURE PORK SAUSAGE! Just like your OPEN THREAD is PURE PORK SAUSAGE.

[Media Matters]

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