Did Joe Biden Kill Seal Team 6 And Let Bin Laden Live? Donald Trump Says Sure, Why Not

Did Joe Biden Kill Seal Team 6 And Let Bin Laden Live? Donald Trump Says Sure, Why Not

It's never not embarrassing when the US president retweets garbage drivel like some tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorist. Monday, Donald Trump shared a tweet from someone named "Oscar the Midnight Rider 1111," who'd posted an article claiming that “Hiden Biden" (that's Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee) and Barack Obama “may have had SEAL Team 6 killed."

The idea is that Biden and Obama had the SEAL team murdered ... for reasons, and then tried to cover it up by sending $152 billion to Iran under the pretense of a nuclear deal. And the brilliance of this plan is its simplicity.

There are a lot of spurious rumors surrounding SEAL Team 6, the elite group that killed Osama bin Laden. A popular one among conservatives is that then-Vice President Biden, eager to gloat about the bin Laden mission, blurted out the names and telephone numbers of the SEAL team members, which endangered their lives. (Back then, Biden wasn't senile. He was stupid but in full command of his faculties.) This didn't actually happen, but it is the sort of thing Trump himself would later do: Remember when he gave up "code word classified" intelligence to Russians in the Oval Office?

The BREAKING news in the article Trump retweeted is that former CIA agent and current whistleblower Allan Harrow Parrot plans to release documents this week that would “uncover numerous crime sprees." This is supposedly the true October surprise.

Parrot is someone who is admired in the dark corners of the internets by people who believe Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is “an idiot." Yeah, how dare that Purple Heart recipient say true things under oath that incriminated President Bone Spurs!

Oh, this is also somehow all related to Benghazi, which conservative loons still insist is a greater American tragedy and failure of leadership than the 70 billion examples that have occurred (so far) during the Trump administration.

Conservative propaganda site DJHJ Media published this dreck, which Trump shared with his 87 million Twitter followers. The author is Kari Donovan. This is her Friendster photo and profile:

DJHJ Media

Donovan is a self-described “ex-Community Organizer." She presumably doesn't mind now if communities are untidy. She's a “grassroots volunteer with the GOP" and a “homeschool mom," which is every mom these days. Thanks, COVID-19!

Donovan has accused Democrats of trying to “frame" Trump in the "Russian collusion case." She's also written articles defending Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys, who she contends are not white supremacists.

DONOVAN: Even the far-left radical group Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) admits the Proud Boys are not part of the alt-right and are not racists, but they are something the left will not tolerate and that is unwilling to feel guilty.

It's OK to feel guilty sometimes. That's how you know you're not a sociopath.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the Proud Boys a hate group because of — for a start — their anti-Muslim and misogynistic rhetoric. McInnes, who said Senator Cory Booker “is kind of like Sambo," fits any reasonable definition of “racist."

What Donovan lacks in simple Google-based research, she more than makes up for in lousy writing. The following is from an article denouncing cancel culture:

Cancel Culture is a tactic used by democratic mobs to excuse their selfish, greedy behavior when they set their collective focus on a target, in order to bring upon the desired reaction which usually emboldens their product placement and messaging of victimology, and using this technique the left has a new victory over B&G who makes Cream of Wheat.

Donovan is big mad that B&G Foods announced it was removing the image of a smiling Black chef from packages of Cream of Wheat. That's show biz, kid, but Donovan thinks it's something far more sinister.

The Left, including Good Morning America, educates people about what they call, "systematic racism" which is a creation of left that allows them to shakedown more companies and go back further in history to build their victim culture.

Yeah, that's why we invented slavery and segregation, so we could someday force Cream of Wheat to change its packaging.

This is the "citizen journalist" our big, dumb president believes is going to pull a Woodward and Bernstein on Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Trump admitted to actual impeachable offenses to the real Bob Woodward so you'd think he could tell the difference.

Just 19 days to go.

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