Is This Robert Mueller's Favorite Part Of Michael Wolff's Dirty Trump Book? Bet Your Ass It Is!

Mama said knock you out

We are all having so much funreading Michael Wolff's new book, I Hung Out In The West Wing And Copied Down What Those Morons Said, aren't we? So much palace intrigue! So much Ivanka Trump thinking she will be president for some reason! So much Steve Bannon giving the world's best head to Steve Bannon!

But there is actual news in the book too, allegedly, meaty news, the kind special counsel Robert Mueller probably is interested in looking at a little more closely in his obstruction of justice case against Donald Trump. Here is a key passage, as copy/pasted by Axios, about what happened last summer on Air Force One when Donald Trump was personally dictating his stupidass son's response -- through Hope Hicks -- to why he met with one million Russians in Trump Tower. (Bouncy Russian babies! Excuse us, DELICIOUS HILLARY CLINTON DIRT!)

"Mark Corallo [former spokesman for Trump's personal legal team] ... privately confiding [to Wolff] that he believed the meeting on Air Force One represented a likely obstruction of justice — quit."

Corallo quit because of what he witnessed on Air Force One? WHOA IF TRUE! They must have been really obstructing some justice by the pussy if the spox for Trump's very bad lawyer Marc Kasowitz quit on account of it! Back when Corallo resigned, his initial explanation was just that he didn't need the money anymore and that there was "too much fighting" on the Trump team. Now we understand a little bit better!

Washington Post provides some analysis:

As a preliminary matter, it is critical to determine what precisely Corallo saw, what he directly observed and what gave him concern. If he has not already done so, Corallo will need to be interviewed. “Any obstruction case always involves the totality of all of the factual circumstances at play, so it’s always a mistake to read too much into any one reported fact,” Lawfare blog’s Ben Wittes tells me. “These cases are always about all of the facts in interaction with one another. That said, it certainly is interesting that one of the participants in that meeting reportedly believed it at the time to be a potential obstruction.”

Now, will attorney-client privilege come into play, since Corallo was part of Trump's legal team? As we have explained previously, Donald Trump Jr. seems to think there's attorney-client privilege if he's talking to his dad and a lawyer is within a one-hundred mile radius. This is because Donald Trump Jr. is a very stupid little boy of only 40 years of age. We also explained, though, that if there's evidence of criminal conspiracy, Robert Mueller has ways to get around privilege questions like that.

WaPo notes that Mueller is probably also interested in the claim from Steve Bannon that there's "zero" chance Junior didn't take those Russians by the hand and take them upstairs to see Daddy, just so he could say, "Look, Daddy! I am conspiring with a hostile foreign power to get you elected US American preznit! Can I please to come to Thanksgiving this year? PLEASE? I promise not to poop inside the cornucopia again, ALLEGEDLY, FINGERS CROSSED, NO PROMISES."

Now, according to NBC's Ken Dilanian, Junior's favorite Russian lady lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya says that didn't happen. So, who to believe? Steve Bannon or some Russian scratching Junior's belly and promising him a Hillary-hatin' treat? Oh, who the fuck knows.

Guess we'll just have to let Robert Mueller figure it out, like we always do.

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