Is This Wealthy British Tory Also an Emperor's Club Client?

According to the British tabloid News of the World, the Duke of Westminster also patronizes the Emperor's Club VIP. He is Britain's third richest man and "heads his country's Territorial Army," who fight the terrorists. Since these incredible things were not quite enough for his paid sex worker to have sex with him, here's what he told her to seal the deal: "Osama bin Laden was alive and hiding in Pakistan."

The Emperor's Club arranged the Evil Duke's tryst with Zana Brazdek, 26, better known as "Shanna." Shanna "was paid £2,000 in £50 notes to have sex with the Duke on December 28 at his plush mews house in central London." A whole ton of pounds! That's like 5,500 billion American scrip leaves, no?

Wait. What the fuck is a "mews house"? Let's consult Wikipedia: "Mews is chiefly a British term referring to a certain type of stabling with living quarters." No, that does not make sense at all. But there is another meaning that makes more sense than anything else:

The Mews also can refer to a birdhouse designed to house a raptor... Freeloft mews are commonly used for private falconry, captive breeding, and raptor rehabilitation, while traditional mews are more commonly used for education.

So the Duke of England fucked an Empress in London's Jurassic Park Express dino-rehab compound. What other details does the Empress herself offer?

"He told me that British soldiers were getting tested for sexual diseases every three months because they were sleeping with women all over the world." Later, without batting an eyelid at the irony of the situation, the Duke went on to ask Zana to have sex WITHOUT a condom.

He's right there -- raptors cannot give STDs to humans.

Duke boasts [News of the World via The Blotter]


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