In the ancient land of Turkey, many of our communist American expats have been trying to keep up with the election news on Turkey's foreign flavor of the Internet. But now that Barack Obama is winning, some conspiracy may be developing that prevents Turkey Internet from accessing this news. Is Hillary in control of the Turkey Internet? Wonkette's Turkey operative has the full story, after the jump.

The operative -- who we assume to be one of those communist American expat writers -- goes by "Cprach," probably to avoid getting his cats killed by Hillary's global thugs:

So I was trying to read the CNN story about the Democrats abroad primary - which is of interest to me, seeing as how I am living in Turkey right now and am therefore a Democrat abroad, or something. Anyway, the page wouldn't load, and instead I got this message:

Bu siteye erişim mahkeme kararıyla engellenmiştir.

(Which luckily was translated into English, because I don't speak Turkey talk):

Access to this site has been suspended with decision of Court.

Are the Turkish courts, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton News Network Dot Com in cahoots? Perhaps Turkey doesn't want to join the caliphate Barack Obama is planning after all.


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