Is Your Moisturizer Making Daily Wire Hosts Want To Kill People In Front Of You?

Is Your Moisturizer Making Daily Wire Hosts Want To Kill People In Front Of You?

As many of you know, I am a staunch advocate for proper skin care. Indeed, I am typing this while doing a face mask (the innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask with Volcanic Cluster, should you care to know), because multitasking is my jam. I never bought any of the "Oh, you don't have to moisturize until you are older" crap and, because I am always prematurely correct, now everyone agrees with me.

Everyone, that is, except Daily Wire Host and all around horrible person Michael Knowles (who is never correct, prematurely or otherwise), who supports bringing back the death penalty because we just don't see enough death anymore.

In response to a viewer question about whether or not he thought bringing back public executions might be a good time, Knowles said “Certainly. Yeah, I think that that would do a lot to bring back the deterrent effect of capital punishment, certainly. But furthermore, it would be good because people just don’t see death, period, anymore. We used to see death.”

He went on to say “I’m not saying we want more people to die, but we need to recognize that death does happen. We try to run away from death. We try to hide death, we hide aging. We pack ourselves full of cosmetics.”

Hey! Remember that time over a million people died in this country from a novel coronavirus? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

To be clear, that is not actually how cosmetics work, which is perhaps where Michael Knowles has been going wrong. You don't eat them, they go on the outside of your body. Unless you're talking about like, Botox or fillers but those are not "cosmetics." Toothpaste is considered a cosmetic and I guess you could sometimes swallow a bit of that, but not to the point where you were full of it.

This, I suppose, is what someone sounds like when they gobble down a whole jar of Oil of Olay. (Transcript via Mediaite)

We don’t do proper funerals anymore. We do these brief little celebrations of life. We burn up the body as quickly as possible. We ignore the fact that death has happened. Then sometime later, maybe you will have a celebration of life ceremony where you basically just gather with your friends and have dinner to try to process death. But it’s a death that you won’t look in the face.

Well, that is largely because of the whole pandemic thing, because of how people didn't want to die themselves. People dealt with a lot of death and have been dealing with a lot of death, though clearly not the way Michael Knowles would prefer — which I guess would be by skipping their moisturizing routine so that he can look at their faces and think of death.

Another reason he wants to have public executions is because people are atheists and that is not allowed.

And so we live our lives trying to put it out of our head. But death is very important. It’s one of the four final things death, judgment, heaven, and hell. You are living your life as a preparation to die, and you need to be prepared for your death. In the in the olden times, people would pray for a good death by which they meant death that they saw coming that they could prepare for. And it wasn’t sudden.

Today we people pray for a good death, meaning they don’t want to know what’s happening. They basically want a piano to fall on their head so that they’re just walking along one day with their frappuccino, having a lovely time thinking about, I don’t know, whatever they just saw on Instagram. And then it’s all over and they think they go to oblivion. They don’t think that the soul persists after natural death.

Yeah, so weird how people don't want long, protracted, unpleasant deaths. You always hear people saying "I want to die in my sleep" and never "I want to be burned alive in a fire" or "I want to die a long, excruciatingly painful death."

I am going to guess that Michael Knowles is not exactly hep to how executions have been going lately. because if he did, I hardly think he would be all to convinced that they would make people support the death penalty or believe in God and the afterlife.


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