This kid just got redeployed to Iraq, againA new Harris Interactive poll confirms that America is one big Gloomy Gus convention these days, with people bellyaching about The Economy and The War and Our Incompetent Congress and what's his face, the guy who's always off humping bunnies. Look outside the window, America! Do you not see the beautiful sun shining? Oh, you don't have a window because the bank took it away? Well, look at the sun shining outside your spacious cardboard box!

This is what a pack of whiners you are:

  • 75% of you think the country is on the wrong track, while 15% of you think it's on the right track. The remaining 10% of you took out an adjustable rate mortgage on your track and are in danger of default.
  • 72% of you give President Bush a negative job rating, while 26% of you give him a positive job rating. 2% of you have been indefinitely detained in a Polish prison.
  • 47% of you think the economy is one of the two most important issue for the government to address. 96% of you think Barack Obama is a Muslim polygamist cult leader from Texas. 49% of you are pathetic virgins. 26% of you should drink more milk.

Key Indicators of National Mood Fall to New Lows [Harris Interactive]


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