Isn't She Lovely?

  • Remember all that fretting about if Angry Radical Firebrand Michelle Obama would ruin her husband's campaign? She has done just fine, of course, and people love her. [New York Times]
  • It looks like Kim Jong Il probably had a stroke and is being treated by a French neurosurgeon, but he's still capable of running North Korea from the hospital. Now is the perfect time for Alec Baldwin to throw him in the shark tank. [BBC News]
  • John McCain might be able to call himself "the comeback kid" if he had a plan for a comeback, which he does not. [BBC News]
  • Global stocks surged today and Hong Kong recovered all of yesterday's losses. Tomorrow, le deluge. [CNN Money]
  • Doctors are diagnosing more people with diabetes at earlier stages of the disease and prescribing fancier drugs to treat it, and now costs have almost doubled. Here's an idea, America: stop eating Heath Bar Shakes and take the stairs once in a while. [Boston Globe]
  • Barack Obama might still lose the election, but it would be really hard, and people would have to sprinkle some extra stupid on their cornflakes next Tuesday morning. [Chicago Tribune]

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