It Begins: Meghan McCain's Gay Marriage/Meghan McCain Publicity Tour


Meghan McCain stopped by American University yesterday to chat with the young college people of today. She is so hip to their jive—she even likes Gays, the most fabulous new store at the Phoenix Mall! She spoke with a reporter at the campus paper The Eagle, who surprised old Meg by asking her, immediately, why she is even a Republican. "I consider myself a Republican because of all the issues and conventional ideology and I just believe, you know, that my gay friends should be able to get married just like I can. I think the Republican Party has a long way to go when it comes to social issues, but when you go back to the ideals it was based on, social issues have nothing to do with it." Right-o! Down the rabbit hole we go.

Everything Meg does, she does for the gays. You wouldn't expect them to understand this, or even to like Meg, because she herself is not gay, merely a heterosexual Straight. But these gays, bi and large, they are a very open people.

"Well, you know, the gay community has been very accepting of me and embracing. And I have gay followers, which has been really amazing to be embraced as a straight woman and Republican. I just want to show that not all Republicans are against gay marriage. I say ‘gay marriage,’ I agree with marriage and not civil unions; I think they should be allowed to get married."

They OWE U 1 M.M.

[The Eagle]


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