It Depends on What Your Definition of "R" Is

You may have noticed that when it comes to Michael Moore and "Fahrenheit 9/11," we've outsourced pretty much all of the, uhm, heavy lifting to our breast-enhanced step-blog, Defamer. This is because inside the Beltway, everyone who wants to have an opinion about the movie already has one (whether they've seen it or not), while in Defamerland, "F9/11" still raises important issues, issues such as: "How much money will it make?" and "When will Michael Eisner's head finally explode?"

Anyhoo: According to D, the latest hurdle Moore must throw his lumbering frame over is the decision of the MPAA to prevent ads for the movie from using promotional blurb, "Everyone should see this film." Why? Defamer channels anti-piracy gnome Jack Valenti to explain:

Clearly, telling 'everyone' to see a film with an 'R' rating is an unabashed call to criminality. . . If we were to allow this endorsement of age-blind anarchy, the nation's renegade seventeen-year-olds would abandon their marijuana-selling posts by the mall Pac-Man machines and turn their local cinematheques into sodomy-filled, psychotropic sock-hops. We cannot allow the children to download the movie into their brains!

MPAA: Not "Everyone" Can See Fahrenheit [Defamer]


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