It Is About Time Someone (Obviously Jerome Corsi) Linked The Ft. Hood Shooter To Obama


It has been let's see, around 20 hours or something since the Ft. Hood massacre, so it was weird that someone who lives on the Internethadn't suggested a connection between Obama and alleged gunman Nidal Malik Hasan. So yes, quite sorry for the delay, but conspiracy theorist dilettante Jerome Corsi would like to do just that! So get this: last May, GWU held some vague security brainstorming transition task force thing that does not actually offer security or transition advice to the President. There's a document and everything. That's part A, of the theory. Parts B-Z?

Said document (see: theory; part A) lists Nidal Malik Hasan as one of several hundred audience members at the panel, although it's not even clear he was there for sure for sure, but still, what of the documentation documentary document that proves in a COURT OF LAW that Nidal Malik Hasan and Barack Obama were essentially of one mind that day in May and probably forever after that.

Essentially, what the [Homeland Security Policy Institute @ GWU] did (and all of this is spelled out explicitly in this document's executive summary) is convene a giant group of security wonks and academics, heard some briefings, made some "internal deliberations," and generated a set of priorities and recommendations. Then those recommendations got published, and maybe someone at the White House read them, but it's more likely that the content ended up as material to cite in the middle of further security-wonk discussions.

And at some point in the process, Nidal Hasan might have sat in a room while this was happening, with a few hundred other people.

Oh, and "Nidal Malik Hasan" is also pronounced "Rahm Emanuel." Jerome Corsi is working on getting the document for that too.



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