So write a thing about Eleanor Roosevelt, Editrix said, on account of how it is her birthday. We don't really know anything about Eleanor Roosevelt, we said, except that she is cool. Write it anyway, said Editrix.

Which is how we ended up at the world's greatest website, the National First Ladies Library.

You guys, have you seen this thing?? It is like the k-hole of websites. We may never emerge. OK, let's get the cool important Eleanor stuff out of the way. She did not want to be a debutante but figured if she had to hang with those people, she might as well scoop them all up and make them do some good, which is how she ended up working at one of the Settlement Houses because she was a real-deal progressive. She volunteered during World War I and bullied the armed services and the president into looking into how terrible conditions were for veterans coming home. Stop a moment and picture Laura Bush doing that, kids. She worked with trade unions for 30 years. Thirty fucking years. Don't even get us started on the League of Women Voters because that shit was the bomb.

[Malware at Happy; Link blocked for now]


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