It Is Like This Chick Suing The Family Research Council Thinks She Shouldn't Have To Be Harrassed On The Job


Sure, there's a war on women (but it's more like a no-fly zone on women, no?), but why isn't anyone paying attention to that other catastrophic American culture war -the warby women. It's bad enough that young boys suffer as casualties when women of all ages insist on assaulting traditional American gender roles, but how will our once wholesome culture fare when even it's finest institutions lose immunity against your Jezebel types? What if the field of combatants widens, and it isn't just Jezebel types getting all uppity, and you're even at risk of attack at your awesome Conservative Advocacy Group by the same woman you employed to silence all the sausage-fest jokes? WHAT IF THIS ISN'T A WHAT IF!?!?!?!?!?

"According to court documents first obtained and reported by journalist Evan Gahr, former FRC employee Moira Gaul, 42, filed a complaint in 2009 with the District of Columbia Human Rights Commission in which she accused her supervisor of gender discrimination. She claimed that her boss, the director of the Center for Human Life and Bioethics at the time, referred to the use of birth control pills as "whoring around," addressed emails to her with the words "hi cutie," pressured her to attend parties, and referred to her as a "young, attractive woman."

One day you're on top of the world, loving your life running the Center for Human Life and Bioethics for the Family Research Council (great pay and it isn't research intensive AT ALL), and then you show up at work the next morning to an ugly complaint thrust in your face just because you were trying to get a cutie to do her best work. As if the complaint wasn't enough, you find you're facing a sexual harassment lawsuit. And the worst part is YOU GAVE HER A JOB AFTER ALL, even though it's basically a made up position because, come on, Director of Women's and Reproductive Health at the Family Research Council? Still, you'd expect a little more respect. Sadly, our cultural landscape has changed, probably for the worse if men are no longer allowed to warn a cutie now and then of how dangerous her "whore pills" can be without getting accused of sexual harassment.

The harassment lawsuit itself was settled in 2009, the same year FRC employee Moira Gaul brought her gender discrimination complaint to the D.C Human Rights Commission. That would make this story old news if it weren't for frightening new powers obtained by women; now Gaul is suing the FRC because - and Yr. Wonkette was surprised to discover this - apparently you aren't even allowed to fire a woman anymore when she makes a fuss over....over...what was it they did to her again? It's hard to focus when there's cuties out there right this second calling names and cracking skulls. The injustice!

"Gaul and her attorney, Shannon Stokes, are currently suing the FRC for illegally retaliating against her. The suit claims that Gaul had received excellent reviews and no reprimands at the FRC up until she filed the gender discrimination complaint. Then, three months after she was fired, abstinence funding continued to the FRC, and the organization "created a new position with duties substantially similar to those previously performed by Ms. Gaul."

Yes, the old days are gone. It used to be possible to pat a tush here and there without any consequences, and then you could do it as long as you got rid of the ones who started squawking about it, and now...this. No tush pats. No condescending wink and a smile. No recourse for the troublemakers.

Is America changing? Yes. For the worse? Of course! But Yr. Wonkette suggests you at least get a decent seat on this ship if it's going to sink. Say something nice to a female coworker today (not about her butt, not about her butt, not about her butt). Offer to rehire the nice gal you let go because she only ever wanted to count inventory whenever you told her you "needed her in the supply room." And give your son, if you have one, a hug tonight - it doesn't matter what he's playing with. If you have a daughter, let her know you're benevolently cancelling her arranged marriage with your business counterpart in Taiwan. It's better to watch the end coming from the bow of the ship than wait for it in the brig.



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