It Is Primary Day In (Part Of) America!

It Is Primary Day In (Part Of) America!

  • There are a bazillion primaries today! One fun one will be in California, where the angry, embittered remnant of the California GOP will probably be picking a couple of Internet ladies to lose to Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer, and, more interestingly, will be deciding whether or not to go to a "jungle primary" system, where all candidates from all parties are on one big ballot and the top two go to a runoff regardless of party affiliation. Will notorious Californian Ken Layne vote in favor of this? Does Ken even vote? [NYT]
  • Oh, also in California, lunatic birther dentist Orly Taitz has an outside chance of winning the Republican primary for Secretary of State. [Gawker]
  • The Russian conscripts tasked with guarding the crashed plane that carried Poland's president waded into the still-smouldering wreckage and stole credit cards from the mangled corpses. Classy! [AP]
  • The Swiss parliament apparently cares more about maintaining Swiss banking secrecy even more than Swiss banks do. Sorry, America! Your plan to pay off the national debt with taxes on hidden funds will have to wait. [BBC]

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