It's Been Decided These Countries Dislike America Most! Tabs, Wed., March 23, 2022

It's Been Decided These Countries Dislike America Most! Tabs, Wed., March 23, 2022

What's up with the People's Convoy? Bunch a bullshit, some wailing and gnashing about "the police won't do anything about them getting flipped off," lot of talk about "citizens arrests" of Washington DC's Black female mayor and the Capitol Police for the tort of "wouldn't let them into downtown to pee but we thought that was why America's highways are bedecked with urine jars." Also apparently they were "trolled" by a single bicyclist pedaling slowly in front of them, but I thought they WANTED to go slow to piss everyone else off, so who even knows with these choads, "making sense" isn't high on their list of job and life skills. (Vice / Curbed / free link Washington Post)

Vice says the JFK QAnon cult is finally falling apart, and before I read the tab that I've got open, anybody else wondering how RFK Jr. could make common cause with these shitheads, if only because of that? Oh, good good, thank you dek: "Their latest conspiracy is that the Ukraine war is part of a plan to replace Joe Biden with JFK, who is disguised as former president Donald Trump." Also they've been hanging out at "convoy" too, it's like the cute stupid people who follow "the news" around in the very enjoyable Sandra Bullock vehicle All About Steve (shut up it is too), but they're not Katy Mixon, and they're not nice.

An excellent look by Mike Males at the numbers behind why white Republican America is so fucking mad all the time: Life is much, much, much worse in red states, where they're all broke as a joke (because of Republican policies) and are drinking and shooting themselves to death (ibid). And red state governors, like mine in Montana, would rather keep them broke than spend free federal money that might make them think life with a Dem president isn't so bad. (YES Magazine)

Everybody's about to come down hard on Senator Mike Braun of Indiana just for saying Loving v. Virginia, which overturned all laws banning interracial marriage, was unconstitutional and should have been left up to the states. But he's right of course; if you think abortion should be left up to the states (and they all do), then that means everyone's rights are susceptible to popular vote. Spoiler: They don't actually believe in anyone's rights except their right to shoot people and let their children die for Weird Jesus. — Loving v. Virginia

Obviously you're doing "spirituality" right if you're making millions of dollars by advising "elite" people on "spirituality." Don't even hate click this one, it's Rick Santorum wanking dot gif. — CNBC

Can Congress Stop Louis DeJoy’s Plan to Buy a Fleet of Gas-Guzzling Trucks? I don't know, Mother Jones, can it?

There's some real good letters in this here Funbag. (Defector)

28 Bathroom Shelf Ideas for a Sleek Clutter-Free Space. Oh do go on, House Beautiful, do go on!

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