It Will Probably Be Fall Before BP Can Spill Oil On Fall Foliage


  • RedState can't get over Chris Christie's no baloney governin' style, especially his completely serious threat to "punch" the Teacher's Union. What a man hunk ... we hear gay wedding bells! [RedState]

  • Who has time to blog as much as Matt Yglesias does? Media-saavy retired folk from the future and millions of grumpy unemployed people from the present. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Federal judges in Gulf Coast states own so much BP stock that they often use it as stationery when they write hate mail to fishermen and nature. Justice is coming soon! [Think Progress]

  • If the Tea Party is really serious about limiting government/expanding Ayn Rand, it must allow America to smoke that weed. [Hit & Run]

  • BP will pretend to clean up all the oceans and wetlands of North America until at least autumn, which means yes, an oil-crusted baby seal Halloween costume would be "too soon." [Daily Intel]


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