It's a Wonderful Day To Be an Illegal Mexican In Arizona!

  • Good morning, fellow illegal immigrants! It was 234 years ago today when a brave group of brewer-patriots from Mexico formally broke away from White America (England) and declared our Los Estados Unidos de América. But this summer, the loyalist colony of Arizona demanded that its constables harass the Native American-Spaniard mestizos out of the desert province -- until a judge pure of heart struck down most of the anti-Mexican provisions of this law. And today, as the punishing sun rises over Arizona's endless vistas of foreclosed stucco boxes and boiling asphalt highways, the illegal Mexicans will probably be harassed in all kinds of illegal ways, by the white devils. Federal district court Judge Susan Bolton blocked the most Nazi-ish parts of the state's anti-Mexican law, such as requiring all cops to perform checks for immigration papers whenever they came across someone sort of brown-skinned as opposed to being a bloated pink slob driving back from San Diego. But Arizona will not become a paradise of sombreros and strolling mariachi musicians -- except within Arizona's 236,000 "Mexican restaurants," where the frozen margaritas and triple-meat fajitas will continue to flow, like tears from a policeman. [Voice of America/MSNBC/Arizona Republic]

  • Did you put/leave stuff that should've been private on your "anybody can see it" Facebook public profile? You may be one of the 100 million people who had all that information saved by these "security hackers" and posted on the Internet's main website for the pirate community, "Pirate Bay." Hopefully nobody will spend the necessary few minutes to put together your entire human profile by simply reading your birthday, hometown, names of family members, the high schools and colleges you attended, and the names of your pets -- pretty much all it takes to answer all your "password hint" questions and steal what remains of your money and credit. [WTOP/Guardian]
  • The Year of the (Republican) Woman is in trouble in California! Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman are both behind in the polls, with Senator Barbara Boxer and former Governor Jerry Brown both holding small leads over their Woman rivals. [OC Register/San Jose Mercury News]

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