It's Called A 'Park' -- You Know, A Quiet Place To Walk Around, And Not Get Murdered


  • First Chandra Levy. Then killah bees. Now this. What could possibly make Rock Creek Park more murderous and cruel? Suggestion: unmarked mine fields. [DCist]

  • Jon Voight was cooler when he was a destitute cowboy hooker. [Washington Times]

  • Fenty's children are known to have many politicians in their little pocket. So when they were informed they would have to attend public school -- in DC! -- they sent Fenty a fruit basket. And the rest is history. [Washington Examiner]

  • A clever intern pulls the classic Ferris Bueller "Sausage King of Chicago" trick. [Spotted: DC Summer Interns]

  • The skirt-chasing coitus goblins of DC have scared off all of the attractive women in the city. They now live in the suburbs, and own many cats. [Holla Back DC]


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