It's Cows And Cows And Cows And Cows, And That's A Nice Thing

Nice Time
Photo by Wonkette Operative 'Captain Dirt'

Welcome to another edition of Yr Sunday Nice Things feature, where we take a break from the daily craziness so we can decompress for a little while. Today, we're going to relax with the ineffable mental calm that comes from an oddly rectangular English cow. It's really beautiful to see what can happen when people all over the internet come together to collaborate on a little art project. We call it...

The Bovine Comity

It all got started with a tweet from the absolutely wonderful Museum of English Rural Life, an organization (sorry, organisation) you should definitely follow on Twitter. Based at the University of Reading, the MERL's Twitter description declares its mission is "Chaotic Good." You may remember them from that time when one of their exhibits, a mousetrap patented in 1861, caught a mouse from 2016. Talk about a movie anachronism!

On Wednesday, the museum offered some advice: Be the relaxed cow you want to see in the world.

Unfortunately, replied a reader, sometimes it's difficult to be the Peace Cow in a world gone mad:

And then the photoshoops began, encouraged, of course, by the MERL, which helpfully included a copy of the cow, to be inserted as folks might like:

(If you want to do your own cow art, you'll need to click on the tweet there; for reasons, the transparent .png file doesn't reproduce on this page)

The responses were, predictably, silly and brilliant. To get around our platform's annoying habit of inserting the original tweet every damn time (it doesn't like Twitter's embed code, which lets you leave out the "parent" tweet), we have reproduced the pics and copy-pasted the tweeters' comments (if any) below, avec linky.

The entire crew ran to one side to check out the rectangular cow floating to starboard. #WhatReallyHappened

Leonora Carrington - The Giantess (the Guardian of the Cow)

Balancing cow (Vermeer's Woman Holding a Balance, National Gallery of Art , USA)

Cow observes the destruction of the empire.

A painting by Mooonet

Edvard Moonch

This person neglected to say the painting is by Rene Moooogritte, so we have rectified that omission -- Dok Z

hello can I have a latte

Another missed opportunity: Whistler's MOOOther -- Dok Z

The Nightmooer... By Henry Coo-seli

Millet, The Gust of Wind

La condition bovine

We really like this big-eyed Margaret Keane cow. In a follow-up, the perpetrator says, "I won't say how much of the morning was spent tweaking the size" of the cow's eye.

I call this Abstraction of a Unit

There were a lot more, but we think you get the idea.

Wonkette's own Robyn Pennacchia got into the game, too!

Robyn's work won high praise from the exhibit's cow-rater:

But it occurs to us that the replies to the original tweet are missing out on a rich vein of artistic culture! Where are the works of America's Greatest Artist, Jon McNaughton? Consider that oversight corrected.

OK, folks, get to the cow puns in the cowments, which Yr Wonkette does not allow.

Yr Dok Zoom overslept, and so that's it for this week, YOU'RE WELCOME!

[Museum of Rural English Life on Twitter]

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