It's Don Jr. Night At The RNC, And We Are (Not) Liveblogging It!

Hello there. Because Wonkette is a "dick jokes" website that sometimes writes "journalism," it is only appropriate that we include a livestream of the weak and failing Republican National Convention. Here is that livestream.

LIVE Aug. 24 at 8 p.m. ET | First night of the Republican National

We do not think you actually want to watch the RNC, so if you have an ounce of self-love in your whole entire body, don't click that YouTube and give them page views. Wonkette's Liz already wrote the only preview for the whole entire convention you'll ever need. Tonight is Don Jr. night. Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan will be there. Don Jr.'s girlfriend.

Yeah. Sounds pretty great.

What time does it come on? Dunno, keeping our TV on HGTV. Let's call it "eight-ish."

What are the speakers gonna talk about? Dunno, probably something pretty Hitler-y!

Again, this livestream is here because "journalism," and not because you actually want to watch it.

But hell, you are here right now, so we might as well have movie night! Here is But I'm A Cheerleader. It's a movie about one of those "ex-gay" camps and it is very funny and obviously better than whatever cry for help Don Jr. is planning to deliver tonight.

But I'm a

Talk about how much you are enjoying "the convention" you are definitely watching, in the comments!

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