After a week where Trump was exposed by a whistleblower for keeping aid from Ukraine to extort them for political help, confirming all the facts himself with the transcript of the call, involving the Attorney General in the scheme, and revelations of a secret server ("But HER EMAILS!!!), Trump's liddle' defenders have had such a hard time, they even made Chuck Todd do journalism! But that doesn't mean the clown car of sycophants didn't try on ALL the Sunday shows. So let's take a look at these idiots in chronological order.

We begin with Ohio congressman and proof that dumb jocks in high school just get dumber with age, Rep. Jim Jordan. Appearing bright and early on CNN's "State of the Union," Jordan tried his best to steer the conversation away from Trump's many impeachable crimes over to the bullshit Ukrainium One story that the GOP has settled on. After listening on and on to Jordan spit lies, Jake Tapper finally facted check Jordan and left him sputtering like a the moron he is.

TAPPER: That's not what happened.

JORDAN: ... says, fire -- fire that prosecutor.

: Sir, sir, that's not what happened. The European Union, the Obama administration, the International Monetary Fund...

: Well, you don't think Joe...

: ... pro-clean government activists in Ukraine thought that the prosecutor...

: You're saying...

: ... was not prosecuting corruption.

: You're saying Joe Biden didn't tell -- didn't tell Ukraine to fire that prosecutor? I think he did.

: He did.

: He bragged about it.

: But the guy was -- the guy was not prosecuting anything. That was the problem. The government of the United States...

: Here are the facts.

: ... and the West -- you're not saying facts.

: Joe Biden told him to fire the prosecutor.

: You say, here are the facts.

: No, here are the facts.

Tapper was tired of Jordan's shit.

JORDAN: It's amazing the gymnastics you guys will go through to defend what ...

TAPPER: Sir, it's not gymnastics. It's facts. And I would think somebody who's been accused of things in the last year and two would be more sensitive about throwing out wild allegations against people.

Tapper then dropped another hammer!

TAPPER: The president's daughter right now is having all sorts of copyrights granted in foreign countries. That doesn't alarm you. The president's sons ...

JORDAN: Come on.

: … are doing all sorts of business all over the world.

: Come on.

: That doesn't alarm you.

: Jake, come on.

: What is come on? Either there's a principle that people should not benefit from their connections, or there isn't.

When all these failed, Jordan tried to go back to his Peter Strzok/Lisa Page well and Tapper's reaction was the one everyone has whenever Jordan plays this familiar tune:

TAPPER: OK. Now we're back to the dossier and Peter Strzok....

Watch the video to see what happens when this assclown gets fact checked in real time:

We go now to Rudy Giuliani's crazy tour of bullshit already in progress. Appearing on ABC's "This Week," Rudy continued with his wild conspiracies.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Are you going to cooperate with the House Intelligence Committee?

GIULIANI: That is a question that has a lot, a lot of implications to it. Believe it or not, I'm an attorney.

Oh, Rudy. No one believes that. Here is Rudy's video:

Meanwhile over on NBC's "Meet The Press," Hugh Hewitt was on the panel, which is always a good time!

HEWITT: But the most important thing that was said this morning thus far is Adam Schiff came on and he went full Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts, verdict first, trial later. I believe he destroyed his credibility this morning on this show as a fair arbiter of this process. The key other thing about is there enough time, is there a middle, that middle is tired of investigating President Trump. It has gone on for two years, and the most interesting part of the Nancy Pelosi decision to go for a fast impeachment is the implicit but very real concession that the Mueller Report had no impeachable offense: no obstruction, no collusion. It's gone. They have erased it from the record. So Adam Schiff is biased, and Nancy Pelosi has admitted that Mueller exonerated Trump.

The GOP will repeat this ad nauseam without pushback from the likes of Chuck Todd or his panel. They will sound calmer while giving Trump the same cover. But Hewitt seems to misunderstand Rep. Schiff's role on this: He's the investigator, not the judge. Also Mueller not only DID not exonerate Trump, Hugh, but he outlined 10 cases of impeachable crimes. ere is Hewitt trying to put a respectable face on this cover-up.

On CBS's "Face The Nation," Senator Lindsey Graham once again defended Trump with a passion he hasn't had since the early days of his friendship with John McCain. When confronted about the transcript, Graham shrugged his shoulders:

GRAHAM: I have zero problems with this phone call. There's no quid pro quo here.

He then added this gem:

GRAHAM: This seems to me like a political setup. It's all hearsay […] You can't get a parking ticket conviction based on hearsay.

Was that the view in 1999?

If Trump changed his name to "Clinton" or switched parties, Graham would pull this old speech out again:

Here is the full Graham video.

We end with Santa Monica Goebbels Stephen Miller. Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Miller tried to run away from the facts when Chris Wallace finally had enough.

Like all of Trump's defenders when asked specifically to cite their accusations, they throw up a confetti of unrelated crap in the hopes you'll be as easily distracted as conservatives are. Wallace was laser-focused.

Have a week!


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