It's Islamo-Nazis, Dummkopf!

medved.jpgAdmitted soap stealer Michael Medved wants to keep our language as pure as, well, the soap he keeps boosting from the nation's hotels. To wit, two clarifying linguistic suggestions from one of our most-mustachioed former film critics:

In recent weeks I've made a special point of using the term "Islamo-Nazis" to characterize Muslim fanatics, rather than the previously favored "Islamo-Fascists."

The new coinage carries several advantages. First of all, the average American maintains much stronger images of "Nazis" than "Fascists." No matter how historically illiterate he may be, every American knows that the Nazis were genocidal, sadistic maniacs, but he may not possess a clear idea of what the word "Fascist" even means.

And of course, since he's talking about fighting fascists, his thoughts turn to the "tireless promoters of same-sex unions:

I've become convinced that we need to strike the phrase "traditional marriage" and replace it with "natural marriage." For one thing, this change will drive the gay activists crazy, raising immediately the one argument they find most impossible to answer-- that as a mechanism for preserving the species and raising a new generation, same sex unions are undeniably unnatural....

Rather than placing us in the uncomfortable, reactive position of trying to defend "tradition," the new term "natural marriage" will force the other side to try to assert the obviously absurd proposition that it's just as natural for a same-sex couple to raise somebody else's baby as it is for a heterosexual couple to raise their own.



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