It's Like Attention-Starved Iran Doesn't Even Understand At ALL How Much It Snowed Here


  • Germany and France will help out Greece so it does not have to default on its debt, which it is apparently on the verge of doing (?). [New York Times]
  • According to the impartial observer Iran, Iran has successfully enriched uranium. [Washington Post]
  • It is also the anniversary of Iran's 1979 revolution, and there just protesters everywhere, whose presence historically signals a protest. [Times Online]
  • The government estimates that 95,000 new jobs will be born this month! They will all be called "Kayla" or "Aidan." [Wall Street Journal]
  • The entire world will finally stop having such terrible weather, as seasonally appropriate snowfall will cease in the mid-Atlantic United States today. [CNN]
  • The Democrats are still going to hold that boring jobs summit, despite it being a snow day and that being not only 110% lame but also unfair and illegal. [The Hill]

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