It's Like the Odd Couple, But With Four Slovenly Lawmakers

'After eating this crap, let's go raise taxes!' - WonketteWhat could be funnier than four slovenly men who hang out in their run-down old house eating cereal in their piss-stained boxer shorts? They're lawmakers in the new Democratic majority, so they can raise your taxes and send you off to die in Iraq!

Second- and third-ranking senators Dick Durbin and Charles Schumer share the Hill row house with representatives George Miller and Bill Delahunt. Miller owns the dismal gray two-bedroom, which is apparently filled with cereal-eating vermin. Also, there are rats!

It's such an incredible story, both the NYT Home & Garden section and the Boston Globe ran the exact same story (by different writers) this morning! The Democratic leadership has an awesome new publicist.

Taking Power, Sharing Cereal [NYT]

Capitol Hill's Animal House is their home-away-from-home [Boston Globe]


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