It's Not That Kind of Political, They Swear

It's Not That Kind of Political, They Swear

Citizens United, a right-wing political group dedicated to such things as the "rejection of one-world government" and enacting "key elements of President Bush's conservative legislative and policy agenda" has a movie about Hillary. It's totally a movie, people, not a political ad or anything. Just because it's coming out in the midst of primary season and smears Hillary doesn't mean it's tantamount to political advertising, they swear!

The documentary stars such nonpartisan notables as Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, Kathleen Willey and Larry Kudlow The filmmaker, David Bossie (a one-time staffer for Republican Congressman Dan Burton) wants to let the younger generations know all about the travel office scandal, apparently not realizing that no one really gives a shit when they do actually know about it.

Despite the movie not being, you know, done (despite press on its site that says it was supposed to be released last fall), Bossie wants to start running ads for it, which are IN NO WAY meant to be political ads against Hillary. The Federal Elections Commission disagreed with Bossie's assertion (apparently, the bullshit meter was functioning that week) and is saying that the ads have to run with the standard political disclaimer or not at all. So Citizens United is suing, naturally, claiming that "These ads are selling a product." Umm, right. A product that doesn't exist yet and might not before the election that you're hoping to influence with the product, which is why you want to run the ads now.

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