It’s Official: Biden Flips Arizona, Martha McSally All Out Of Senate Seats To Lose To Democrats

It’s Official: Biden Flips Arizona, Martha McSally All Out Of Senate Seats To Lose To Democrats

Last night, CNN and NBC News finally broke down, risked another Trump tantrum, and called Arizona for Joe Biden. The president-elect is the first Democrat to win the state since Bill Clinton in 1996. It turns out that Donald Trump's “John McCain Sucks" platform did not endear him to Arizona voters.

Trump still won't concede the election or even the results in Arizona because he's a wannabe despot who'd throw out every vote that wasn't for him if he could. He's currently “contesting" the results in, conveniently, every key state he lost. Voter fraud is rampant, he claims without evidence, but apparently not in North Carolina or Alaska, which he's won, so everything must've been above board there.

President Mopy Dick isn't the only one denying reality. Professional Senate race loser Martha McSally has yet to concede to Democrat Mark Kelly, who beat her so decisively their race was called days ago. It's not clear what's holding her up. She already has her concession speech from 2018. Just swap out some names. If she's bought into Trump's unhinged voter fraud conspiracy theories, she needs to explain why Kelly won with a larger margin than Biden. Maybe Kelly saved up his voter fraud Green Stamps.

Kelly beat McSally by almost 80,000 votes. Arizona's senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema spanked McSally by 55,900 votes in 2018. That was during a wave election when Democrats trounced Republicans up and down the ballots. This year was less than spectacular for Democrats not named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, so it just goes to show how good McSally is at losing. She's become more efficient at not winning. She's now lost to an astronaut and a woman who was photographed in a pink tutu. She boasts an impressive and diverse resume of losing. Unfortunately, she's run out of Senate seats to give Democrats. McSally has helped complete California's eastern conquest of Arizona, and we thank her for her service.

Jacob Peters, a spokesperson for Senator-elect Kelly, told the Phoenix New Times that McSally hasn't called to concede or even congratulate Kelly on a hard-fought race. This is my favorite line from the New Times article: "[Peters] declined to comment on the incumbent's bizarre lack of acknowledgement of Kelly's victory."

McSally's last public statements, at least on social media, were a few tweets from her campaign Twitter account urging voters to make it to the polls and stay in line to vote on Election Day.

It's as if she's entered a witness protection program for losers.

Look, the votes have all been counted and they confirm how much Arizonans think McSally sucks. Campaigns can't request recounts in Arizona, and Biden and Kelly's margins are well beyond what would trigger an automatic recount. This shit is over.

Kelly has already announced a bipartisan transition team in preparation for a formal swearing-in as early as November 30. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey also hasn't acknowledged Kelly's victory, which he helped facilitate when he picked known loser McSally to fill McCain's seat.

This is what Trump-ism has wrought: denial of facts, a full-bodied embrace of conspiracies, and not even the most basic respect for democracy. Unfortunately, it seems voters aren't willing to collectively punish Republicans for their repulsive actions, with the notable exception of Martha McSally, Arizona's two-peat loser.

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