It's Our New Daily Oil Disaster Roundup!


  • Scantily clad Greenpeace and Earthjustice hippies are simultaneously covering themselves in chocolate and suing BP. Impressive. [New Orleans Times Picayune]
  • The new contraption on the oil well is fixed again. It is ready to drink its milkshake until it breaks again. [Houston Chronicle/New York Times]
  • Roving gangs of New Black Panthers and ACORNS vandalize BP gas stations in rural Alabama with boring slogans in funny construction-orange spray paint. [Mobile Press Register]
  • In the rare event that everything is going according to plan in the body of water formerly known as the Gulf of Mexico, there's plenty of clear and concise information. When the shit is hitting the fan, like right now, the energy nerds at The Oil Drum deploy technical jargon and pictures edited with Paintbrush to explain exactly what the robots are doing deep in the black sea. [The Oil Drum]
  • "There are plenty of oiled babies out there." [Biloxi Sun Herald]

Wonkette contributor Garrett Quinn has been deployed to the Gulf of Mexico to work on this incredible catastrophe. His OILY PELICANS roundups will appear here on Wonkette whenever he sends them.


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