It's Patrick Kennedy!

We just wanted to call a little more attention to this brief portion of today's "Heard on the Hill:"

One source tells HOH that by order of the District of Columbia Superior Court, where Kennedy was sentenced last month, a probation officer accompanied by a D.C. police officer pays random visits to Kennedy's Capitol Hill apartment on as little as 10-minutes notice.

Which sounds degrading, humiliating, and hilarious. Can't you see the sitcom plots that will surely follow? Swingin' Hill bachelor Pat and his wacky neighbor Jim (R-MN) have to stay out of trouble, 'cause they never know when that crusty-but-lovable Cap Police officer played by Ed Asner's gonna stop in and ruin a dinner date with the Sanchez sisters or, you know, a visit from "Dr. Feelgood." And uh oh, looks like dad wants to bring a date home to his son's pad -- on the same day Pat's supposed to host the Congressional AA meeting!

Life After Fender Bender [Roll Call]


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