It's Raining Men

all_wetCNN is reporting that Kerry has chosen someone for the veep slot; we're telling you that if it's Hillary, Drudge will eat Tucker Carlson's shoe. As for who it actually is: We are loath to weigh in on this issue with any seriousness (and there's really no reason for you to believe us) but we've been hearing a lot about a name that isn't one of the Big Three (Edwards, Gephardt, Vilsack) that most journos have been tossing about. That name? Bob Graham. Rumored to be on the long list, we hear he's still on the much shorter list. And why not? Last February he said that for a chance at vice president, he was "prepared to do whatever -- within reason; I'm not going to sacrifice any of my grandchildren." Let those without grandchildren try to top that.

The pros and cons of tapping Graham? Pro: Serious, educated views on foreign policy, could possibly help pick up some Southern votes, older guy with gravitas. Cons: Keeps track of bowel movements in obsessive, minute-by-minute diaries. You tell us which of these things the GOP would choose to make an issue out of.

[AP Photo/Gerald Herbert]

Kerry mum on VP speculation [CNN]

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