It's Raining Men! But Only Until the Economy Clears Up


  • Blind prophet and weepy Twitterer Glenn Beck favorited a tweet celebrating his favorite skin color, white! [ThinkProgress]
  • Obama’s filthy stimulus money is not going to pay for RedState’s personal in-office hooker, as promised. Instead it’s going to monkeys and ants! What’s next, volcano monitoring? [RedState]

  • Doctors are all awful racists, therefore it is okay that everyone else is racist and stereotype everyone, everywhere, forever. [HumanEvents]
  • Slow news day? Don't worry, it’s trend piece Wednesday! Apparently, all men in New York are now gay, thanks to poverty. [NYO via DailyIntel]

  • Andrew Breitbart gently felates himself on his own website with an extremely favorable comparison to legendary muckraker Archie Bunker. [Breitbart]


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