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It's Super Tuesday, so here's your roundup of Dem primary results as they come in, and as we get around to posting 'em! 14 states plus American Samoa, which thanks to the International Date Line may already be finished with its caucuses. The first East coast polls will start closing at the top of the hour, so we suppose we should get this darn post up now, huh?

The first polls to close will be in Virginia and Vermont, and we're already willing to go out on a limb and call Vermont for a candidate whose first or last name starts with a "B."

Oh, hey, video from the Washington Post, why not?

7:15: The AP has called Virginia for Joe Biden, and NBC News is calling Vermont for Bernie Sanders.

Thornton has called my lap for the moment.

7:30: Polls closing in North Carolina, and I'm ready to call it for Thornton to stare resentfully at me and demand to be fed, although his dinnertime isn't for another half hour.

7:37: NBC News has an instant call of North Carolina for Biden, and Steve Kornacki is getting very earnest at the big board. Also, in Tennessee, where tornadoes caused damage yesterday, polls will stay open statewide until 9:00 PM instead of 8:00, and at five locations in Davidson county where polling places were hit, alternate sites will be open until 10 PM.

7:46: Mike Bloomberg takes American Samoa, with Tulsi Gabbard coming in second. Must have been the campaign signs in Samoan.

7:55: You know, we can see this alternate system working pretty well, as long as the candidates were all frisked to make sure they didn't have half-rotted meat concealed on them:

8:00 Bunch of polls closing, this time in Alabama (Biden, says NBC), Oklahoma, Maine, and Massachusetts. The last three are too early to call, says NBC. Here's what Stephen wrote yesterday about Warren possibly not taking her home state:

Will Elizabeth Warren get Marco Rubioed in her own state?

Polls are pointing in that direction, and it's a bummer. Warren hasn't led a poll in her home state since October of last year. This is high noon for her campaign that I am personally damn proud of no matter how it ends.

Rubio himself was obviously Rubio-ed during the 2016 GOP primary when Trump crushed him in Florida. He still went on to win re-election just months later. Either Democrats took their eyes off the ball there or it's not a career-killer to lose your own state's presidential primary. Voters might still like you but just want you to remain in your current role.

8:15: Calling it now. "Won American Samoa" will be the next "Big in Japan."

8:27: NBC's exit polling suggests that voters choosing at the last minute appear to be going heavily toward Joe Biden.

8:35: Arkansas polls are closed, and the results are too close to call. Also too, the Trump campaign is doing some very smart polling today!

8:50: Biden appears to have picked up a Key endorsement. Yes, we actually typed that.

8:57: Super Tuesday voting just a little bit fucked in Texas, with some poll workers staying home from fear of coronavirus, long lines, and a few "equipment failures." Polls in Texas close at 9 Eastern.

9:00: Polls closed in Texas, Minnesota, and most of Tennessee after extended hours due to the tornadoes. Also, Colorado, which this year has switched to doing primaries instead of caucuses.

Here, have this nice Buzzfeed News story about people in Tennessee who were absolutely determined to vote today despite the tornado. Damned inspiring is what it is.

9:12: Also too, while it's not looking like tonight will go great for Elizabeth Warren, these Massachusetts voters' enthusiasm is pretty darn nice, isn't it?

Also, the little girls in this video, and I am slightly dead 🥰

9:18: More NBC projections. Biden wins in Tennessee and Oklahoma, and did we mention Alabama earlier?

9:35: More interesting exit poll stuff: In Texas, says NBC, Bernie Sanders is doing pretty well with Latino voters:

Sanders' vote share among Latino Democratic primary voters in Texas has improved 12 points, from 29 percent in 2016 to 45 percent this year. His support among black primary voters in Texas stayed nearly the same, going from 15 percent of the black vote in 2016 to 18 percent in 2020.

Sanders' support among white Texas Democratic primary voters has ticked down somewhat from 41 percent to 32 percent, though he does have a narrow lead over Biden among white primary voters in Texas.

And this is kind of cool: Texas Latinos really, really like the idea of Medicare for All. Among Texas voters who identify healthcare as their top issue, a bit more than three quarters of Latinos endorse M4A, compared to lower percentages among whites and blacks.

9:38: NBC calls Colorado for Sanders, but with Bloomberg (!), Biden, and Warren all meeting the 15 percent "viability" threshold to pick up some delegates.

9:45: Jim Clyburn is on MSNBC taking a well-deserved victory lap for the effect his endorsement had in resuscitating Joe Biden's electoral chances. If you haven't read Stephen's piece on that amazing endorsement message, mute the TV for a little while and go read/watch now!

Update: Video link.

9:50: Whoever gets the nomination, these numbers look terrific for November. A lot can change, and complacency is The Enemy, but wow!

9:55: The AP has called Minnesota for Biden, and James Carville is on MSNBC, which means it's time for a bathroom break.

10:00: Utah polls close, and NBC's saying too early to call. I am going to go get me a hamberder, maybe someone else will jump in for 20 minutes, and maybe someone else won't!

10:22: Back, got a burger and Guinness, and Brian Williams just made his 4,329th American Samoa joke, and I am done with him.

10:40: Biden gives an upbeat victory-in-several states speech, and is interrupted by a couple of protesters who got uncomfortably close to him. Probably some sort of PETA people, since they had signs reading "Let Dairy Die," which seems an odd sentiment.

10:55: And we're waiting for California. Seems we're always waiting for California. Art least we could read some Beckett. It would help to pass the time.

Still no projections for Maine, Massachusetts, Texas, and the big state that isn't done yet.

10:59: NBC News calling Massachusetts for Biden, and Sanders supporters all over Twitter blaming Warren for Bernie not doing better, because her 60-something delegates have destroyed him?

11:03: California polls close; no call yet. AP is reporting that Michael Bloomberg is going to sit down and think about what he's done and whether he'll keep doing it. Thank you, Senator Warren.

11:20: While we wait for more presidential primary results, here's another bit of good news: Maine voters decided to keep a law that eliminated non-medical exemptions for vaccines required for schoolchildren.

Democratic Gov. Janet Mills praised the outcome of the vote, saying Mainers did the right thing "for the health and safety of our kids."

"Tonight, the health and well-being of Maine children prevailed. This law leaves medical exemptions up to medical professionals and ensures that Maine children are better protected from the spread of dangerous communicable diseases," she said in a statement.

11:25: AP has called California for Bernie Sanders.

11:30: Elizabeth Warren isn't folding her tent just yet. Here's her emailed message to supporters:

Guess I'll be out canvassing Sunday as planned, then!

11:50: OK kids, I'm going to pack it in for the night, even if we don't have results from Texas and Maine. Let's toss a dart and say Biden takes Texas and Sanders gets Maine, and for a bonus, I'll predict Michael Bloomberg will remember what a sunk cost fallacy is.

Time for bed! Thornton agrees.

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