It's The Late Afternoon Happy Nice Time Link Roundup You've All Been Waiting For


You're not doing anything right now because it is late Friday afternoon, so why not roll on over to Happy Nice Time for some hot hot link on link action? We've got our recap of this week's Nashville, Jon Stewart on the terrible Supreme Court campaign finance decision, and our thoughts on who should replace Letterman. (SPOILER ALERT: No one should.) We review the new Avengers universe movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier so that you can know just how much Scarlett Johansson is there before you go see it. We also tell you all about how Google is trying to trademark the word "glass," because they are Google. We made you pretend you weren't crying by showing you the sweet pro-homosexxican pro-interracial marriage Honey Maid graham crackers ad, but we also made you sad and terrified by telling you that there is going to be a Koch Brothers comedy troupe. And sideboob, like the poor, is always with us.


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