It's Time To Be Absolute Motherf*ckers

All elected Democrats, please remember one thing between now and the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, 2021. We are madder, and there are more of us. No matter how Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump play this, the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg just added a whole new lit match to an election where everybody to the left of Genghis Khan was ready to walk over hot coals to vote against Donald Trump. Now? Fuuuuck.

Luckily, some prominent elected Democrats, from all sides of the intra-party squabbles, seem to get this, and they are making noises like they are going to fuck some shit up.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of the first, commenting Friday night on Instagram:

"Let this moment radicalize you," Ocasio-Cortez said. "Let this moment really put everything into stark focus because this election has always been about the fight of and for our lives. And if anything, tonight is making that more clear to more people than ever before."

During an appearance with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in Brooklyn, AOC got a bit more specific:

"It's extraordinarily important that we understand the stakes of this vacancy," Ocasio-Cortez said during a press briefing with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). "Our reproductive rights are on the line. Our labor rights are on the line. Our right to healthcare is on the line. Labor and union protections are on the line. Our climate is on the line."

The New York Democrat pushed her colleagues to invoke "every procedural tool available to us" to "ensure that we buy ourselves the time necessary" to fend off McConnell.

"We must commit to allowing and to considering and to utilizing every single procedural tool available to us to buy that time," Ocasio-Cortez said. "We all need to be more courageous and we all must act in unprecedented ways to make sure that our rights are stabilized."

"And to Mitch McConnell, we need to tell him that he is playing with fire," she added.

Ocasio-Cortez also said this weekend that if they don't want to honor Ginsburg's dying wish, then we sure as hell will.

One thing she brought up: impeaching Bill Barr. Sure would hate for the Senate Judiciary Committee to be too busy with an impeachment to deal with a Supreme Court confirmation fight.

Schumer isn't being shy either:

"Let me be clear: If Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans move forward with this, then nothing is off the table for next year," Schumer said. [...] "Nothing is off the table."

Nothing is off the table, the man said nothing is off the table.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told George Stephanopoulos that "We have arrows in our quiver" that she was not about to discuss right there on the television with George Stephanopoulos.

This isn't like the Brett Kavanaugh fight, though his confirmation did help what was already going to be a giant blue wave in the 2018 midterms turn into a tsunami. Because there are more of us, and we are madder. We are now 43 days from an election where Donald Trump is actually on the ballot. People are already voting in half of the American states.

So, on top of fun things like impeaching Bill Barr — who is absolutely out of control and absolutely deserves it — what else can be done? We talked this morning about stalling until future Democratic Senator Mark Kelly is sworn in, which will happen weeks before the new Congress gavels in, because of how his is a special election. And that's definitely a thing. But there is so much more we can and should do.

Axios reportsbreathlessly like it is out of breath from all its jizzing aobut BOTHSIDESDOIT — on some of the things Democrats are talking about doing. "Furious Democrats are considering total war — profound changes to two branches of government, and even adding stars to the flag — if Republicans jam through a Supreme Court nominee then lose control of the Senate," says Axios, with its dick in its hand. Adding stars to the flag, oh my!

But like, fuck yeah.

First the filibuster goes BYE. One of the strongest proponents of the filibuster, Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, has been making noises all year about how maybe it might be time to get rid of it. Barack Obama used no less an occasion than Rep. John Lewis's funeral to advocate for restoring the Voting Rights Act and give it Lewis's name, and said oh yeah, also it's probably time to get rid of the filibuster. He called it a "another Jim Crow relic." He mentioned making Election Day a national holiday, and then he ADDED STARS TO THE FLAG OH MY when he said it's past high time to give Washington DC and Puerto Rico the full benefits and representation of statehood.

Four new Democrats in the Senate? Don't mind if we do! Maybe more if Guam or the Marshall Islands would like to be "state"!

Oh yeah, and then there's court-packing. Because despite what some Republicans might think they read on Facebook somewhere, the Constitution says nada about how big the Supreme Court should be, or lower courts. Congress can just, you know, change it.

Thirteen justices on the Supreme Court? Why the fuck not. Or 19 or 35 or "however many pissed off Black lesbians with law degrees can we find?" Sounds fun, we'll go to that party.

Mitch McConnell sat on many more Obama judicial nominations than just Merrick Garland, clearing the way for President Crime Loser to pack the court with 24-year-old Federalist Society crapfucks. Judicial retribution in the form of court-packing is looooooong overdue.

Look at Rep. Joe Kennedy III, reading Wonkette like a common Wonkette reader.

Chuck Schumer said nothing is off the table. "Let this moment radicalize you," said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

When Jerry freaking Nadler is saying yeah fuck it, WE GONNA NEED A BIGGER SUPREME COURT, we think people are letting this moment radicalize them.

They should also majorly embiggen the size of the US House of Representatives, since "435" is also not in the Constitution, and they haven't expanded it in over 100 years. It's part of why the Electoral College is so fucked up and gives Wyoming cows more voting rights than California residents. MAKE IT SO BIG.

The delightful thing about all this is that it's all constitutional and legal. Unlike Republicans we don't even have to do crimes to get our way! We just have to have the political will to do the things we've been needing to do for a long-fuckin'-'ass time anyway, to make our country a more perfect union, and take it back from the bitter white supremacist minority that's stolen it.

So let's do it. And let's make sure Trump, McConnell and the rest of the garbage human Republicans in Congress know we mean it.

It's time to reach down deep inside and find the inner strength to be bigger motherfuckers than we ever have. America's survival as a free and democratic nation depends on it.

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