Ivanka Trump's Unpaid Interns Want To Tell Other Interns How To Live Fabulously Poor


Just about every college student, in certain majors, gets an internship. It's a fact of professional life that you have to sacrifice your time at some gig with the hope that after crawling through a river of garbage and remedial work, you come out on the other end of the summer with some solid resume credentials, a reference or two, and incalculable experience about how to make it once the sympathetic training wheels come off. In the publishing world it's common not to pay your interns because not only is money tight, but most interns aren't going to publish anything as they're busy supporting the content creators, writers, and editors. So it's rather fitting that Ivanka Trump would have her interns write about how to live fabulously in New York while being treated like slaves.

#NoMoneyNoProblems? Who the fuck are you?

A recent post on Ivanka Trump's blog about surviving unpaid internships is a big slap in the face to just about everyone who's ever had to work an unpaid internship because not only is it full of shitty advice from bourgeois idiots all named MacKenzie, the blog advocates for working women while it screws them out of an honest wage. Ivanka really is her father's daughter.

Some of the brilliant advice from one of the MacKenzies is to take on a part-time job, which IS great advice if you actually have the time. Most internships require interns to work a set number of hours per week, and universities often have their own requirements in order to get college credit. The average internship clocks in at around 10 to 20 hours a week, but it's common to work more if you're in media or publishing. Add in the two part-time jobs you'll have to work in order to support yourself because part-time jobs pay shit wages and you're already over 40 hours a week. I wonder how many hours a week Ivanka's interns aren't allowed to bill the company?

source: US Dept. of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

The MacKenzies also suggest socializing on the cheap and setting yourself a budget, and to that I can not argue either. Personally I work in a bar on the weekends so that I can drink with friends, otherwise I'd just be a grumpy shut-in (as opposed to just grumpy). I just don't know where the hell other people have the time to socialize if they're working 50-60 hours a week. Maybe if Ivanka treats her interns with Trump Vodka and a Trump Steak at Trump Tower?

Suggesting that you should save money isn't bad advice though, it's just common fucking sense, especially when the majority of the young people are flat broke, and simultaneously holding up the consumer economy.

Median income for people born between 1981 to 1997

Stupid youths! If you'd stop propping up the economy you'd stop being poor!

Millennials work longer hours, with fewer days off, and avoid vacations because we're straight-up workaholics. This myth about young people being lazy is a joke, and the only reason they don't disprove it themselves is because they're too damn busy. They live in dense urban areas to be closer to work and school not just to save time and costs, but to have cultured lives as opposed to fucking off to some suburb where they can bitch about making America better. That's important to remember the next time several people from towns with populations less than a thousand cry foul when a neighboring city with a population of four million carries a state election.

It's hard to say if Ivanka Trump is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act for unpaid interns because one of the six requirements for unpaid internships is that the employer gets no immediate advantage from the work done by an unpaid intern. Seeing as her shitty blog is probably more detrimental to the Trump brand it's safe to say her interns probably impede the performance of Ivanka Trump HQ, unlike her father whose interns have to PAY thousands of dollars to be his interns. Considering the Trumps seem to excel at being hollow shells of human beings and exploit everyone and everything for personal gain, it's no surprise that Ivanka Trump would stiff her interns out of an honest wage even if they do a bad job.

[ Ivanka Trump's Stupid Blog ]

Dominic Gwinn

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