I've Been Crushed By the Tumbling Tide (TIME!)


  • Barack Obama went to Taxachusetts to ask the voters to remember that they're mostly liberal people, so maybe they might want to show up and vote. But maybe they don't care anyway because MITT ROMNEY gave them socialist health insurance already. [VOA]
  • A roomful of "foreign journalists" awarded many golden dildos to James Cameron's documentary about Wyclef Jean and the U.S. Marines blowing up Haiti. [Movieline]
  • Meanwhile, in Haiti .... things are looking pretty bad, still. But some people stood outside a church and sang White Jesus church songs, so this will keep them from getting cholera probably? [New York Times]
  • Do the Teabaggers realize that Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Michael Steele are making millions off the Teabaggers? [Frank Rich]
  • Barack took his wife Michelle to the fancy world's version of Chuck E. Cheese, because IT'S HER BIRTHDAY. Or it was, on Sunday. But the party was on Saturday, because all this president does is lie. [Washington Post]
  • Today is Martin Luther King Junior Assassination Day. Who could've predicted that just four decades after Dr. King's murder, poor white Americans would be hating a black president? [Dallas Morning News]

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