Jack Abramoff Remorseless, Bigger Than Jesus

Meeee and my shaaaadow - WonketteKim Eisler, one-time friend of imprisoned lobbyist Jack Abramoff, has a pretty good piece on the disgraced former power player in this month's Washingtonian. As everything collapsed around him, Jack basically became a Scorcese character.

"We were a band of killers," he said of his lobbying practice. "We did a lot of bad things." He was proud of the fact that if someone got between him and the interests of his clients, he would do everything possible to destroy them.

It's good to know that, at heart, Jack is still the guy who produced and co-wrote Red Scorpion. The guy's got an ear for dialogue.

More fun with Jack, after the jump.

We also share Eisler's wish that when appearing before the Senate, Jack had, instead of pleading the fifth, given a speeches more like this:

Of Iowa senator Charles Grassley, chair of the Senate Finance committee, who had been critical of Abramoff, Jack said: "You can say you have a good source that Grassley not only carried my water on the Bear Council issue [a fight over tribal recognition in Grassley's state] and received a ton of contributions in return, but he also did one of the biggest asks from Abramoff ever, taking Tyco out of the tax bill. . . . They would have been hit with a $4-billion tax bill."

Finally, Eisler's been putting up unedited Abramoff emails at his personal site for a while now. We missed this one before, but it's a fun one:

To: 'Kim Eisler office'
Subject: I beat Clooney!.

Go to and put in my name and then do the same for Clooney.

I"m at 12M + and he's only at 9M+. I win!! :)


Something to be proud of. Sadly, as of 1/32/07, he's 200,000 results behind "britney spears vagina."

The Other Jack Abramoff [Washingtonian]

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