CPAC Guy Wants To Turn Our Children's Schools Into Sordid S&M Clubs

selection of paddles and riding crops hanging on a purple wall

The principal's office, if this guy gets his way

Former Minnesota Viking and current rightwing blowhard Jack Brewer stopped by a CPAC panel on Friday in order to share his thoughts on what to do with these kids today — and the evil spirits that inhabit them.

Evil spirits, Brewer claims, are everywhere, and the only way to defeat them is by teaching children the Ten Commandments, noting that both Jesus and Moses would be very disappointed were they to ever hear that we did not force children to learn the Ten Commandments in public schools.

I may not be a Christian, but I can sing Jesus Christ Superstar by myself from beginning to end, and isn't the general belief that Jesus is his own dad, who is God, and God knows everything? So wouldn't Jesus know about public schools?

Brewer then proceeds to explain that the children must not only be taught the Ten Commandments and the gospel of Jesus Christ, but that their schools need to to start spanking children with paddles again, because it is what God wants.

Transcript via Media Matters:

JACK BREWER (PANELIST): We should be demanding every single public, private school give parents the option to give their kids the gospel of Jesus Christ. And before, last thing, I know time is coming up, if we don’t bring the paddle back in these schools, the word of God says, if you spare the rod, you hateth your son. It’s not for us to put our feelings and emotions or how we feel about that. Some kids need their butts whooped.


BREWER: And they’re tearing up the streets, they’re robbing and stealing, and they’re filling up our juveniles. They need to start getting their butts whooped and being taught right from wrong.

Obvious First Amendment issues aside, it is not clear if Jack Brewer fully understands that not everyone believes his religion is real, and that is concerning. He also seems to think there is some contingent of parents out there who share his religious beliefs but who are simply not bothering to teach their children the Ten Commandments. Does he think all the kids committing crimes are atheists and agnostics? Because that seems statistically improbable.

Kids are actually pretty well-behaved these days — juvenile arrests for violent crimes have dropped by 78 percent since 1994. Also, extensive research has shown that spanking is not just ineffective but likely to increase mental health disorders and impaired brain development. If Jack Brewer was spanked as a child, which we can likely assume he was given his fascination with it, it clearly didn't help keep him from allegedly getting into insider trading as an adult.

But even if it were remotely effective ... why are these people, who are so very scared that their kid is going to find out that trans people exist or that other people's kids are gonna hear a storybook read by a drag queen, and who are so worried about "grooming," okay with other adults touching their kids' butts? How are they okay with children learning that it is okay for adults to touch them at all without their consent? You wanna talk grooming, that's grooming.

Brewer is far from the first conservative to jump on the "corporal punishment is the solution to all of our problems" bandwagon. Matt Walsh even recently claimed that "Singapore is able to have nice things" because they beat people who commit crimes there. Last year, a group of Fox panelists swooned over the idea of bringing spanking back to schools. Given that, again, spanking has been shown to be ineffective at improving the behavior of children and in fact likely makes it worse, we have to assume there is something else behind this.

There is nothing wrong with Jack Brewer or any of these other people having a spanking fetish, so long as they confine that fetish to their personal adult activities and leave children out of it.

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