Jack Nicholson Is Old Now And Lives In Such House! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 10, 2021

Jack Nicholson Is Old Now And Lives In Such House! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 10, 2021
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Cameraman in the Capitol on January 6 asks: Is this how he dies? (CNN)

Shut up, Politico, impeachment edition. — Eric Boehlert at PressRun

Oh sad, GOP senators thought Trump's impeachment defense team did a "terrible job." (Talking Points Memo)

Little late, but SOMEONE'S finally worried about his criminal exposure! (CNN)

I feel kind of sad for Bruce Castor. God, I've got to stop being a liberal. "Bruce Castor, Disaster Artist." — Tim Miller at The Bulwark

Oh, Trump didn't like it :( (Politico)

An important impeachment thread:

Roy Edroso is just a simple country lawyer. (Roy Edroso substack)

Ukraine releases Giuliani call asking for whatever, I can't even tell, it's so boring. Sorry, IT IS. — Time

Aaaand this is why I went to Minot, North Dakota, in June and picked up my son and granddaughter. People are lunatics. (New Yorker)

But! If you must pick between New Yorker stories today, choose this one:

Because there are so few babies or children in this neighborhood, when you travel with a baby or a child you and the child are treated like a majestic presence, almost like tigers. My daughter is celebrated at the grocery store, at the pizza place, at the deli, and even on the street. In this neighborhood, crowded with mentally unwell people, and with drug dealers and panhandlers, and with tired office workers and sex workers and fruit venders and psychics and police officers—all these people, nearly to a one, say something tender to a child, whether you want them to or not. I remember once journeying to the idyllic family neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, in Brooklyn, where there were more babies and children than pigeons, and no one seemed interested in my baby at all, and I felt like a pigeon.

It's all of it beautiful. "Living In New York's Unloved Neighborhood." — New Yorker

Andy Ngo's fascism book is piece of shit, fascist. — Alexander Nazaryan at LA Times

Trump's hotel tripling its rates to soak the Qooks for March 4, his "second inauguration." (Daily Kos)

Trump lawyer Lin Wood tripling down on "Chief Justice John Roberts is a child trafficker," in ... unrelated libel case? (Politico)

Who owns Brett Kavanaugh? — Greg Olear substack

South Dakota voters legalized marijuana. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem challenged it. A judge struck it down. Cool, great, awesome. (CBS News)

Fire the USPS board of governors, President Joe. — Daily Kos

Scraps salad! I love this one! Department of Salad!

Raspberry and rose Valentine's hearts. SHYYYYYY I WANT RASPBERRY AND ROSE VALENTINE'S HEARTS. (Zabar's blog)

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