New York City cops arrested eight protesters dressed in Robin Hood garb during a joint OWS-World Aids Day march demanding a Financial Transaction Tax on Wall Street to help restore the $10 million in HIV/AIDS services funding that Michael "I eat ground up poor people for breakfast" Bloomberg cut last year, but it wasn't the Robin Hoods who got to do any stealing! Supporters sent the protesters a couple large pizzas to tide them over in jail, which the greedy precinct officers of Nottingham promptly confiscated and gobbled up for themselves. As any four-year-old who has seen the Disney version of Robin Hood can tell you, that is not how the movie is supposed to go.

In real life, here in America, it goes more like this: cops steal food from people representing AIDS advocacy organizations and then laugh at them.

NYMag's Daily Intel interviewed some of the protesters after they were released:

[Protester David] Thorpe said the group was denied food and drink entirely for the twenty-plus hours they were detained, and that the cops drank the soda sent along, too, before telling the protesters that the vending machine was all out. (This isn't the first time the NYPD has been charged with helping themselves to pizza not meant for them.)

"We confronted the officers at the precinct about stealing the pizzas and they just smiled and laughed at us and didn’t deny it," said [Housing Works CEO Charles] King in a lighthearted, but still semi-outraged press release. Eventually, the cops offered to replace the pizzas, but the activists said "no thanks". "We weren’t touching their dirty pizza," King said.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has officially noticed in their usual "oh so some stuff happened a few months ago?" way that it's a weeeee hypocritical for the United States government to be issuing morose commands to Egypt and Syria ordering them to ease up on their dissidents in the name of democracy when the government continues to evict and beat the shit out of protesters back home.

From HuffPo:

The United Nations envoy for freedom of expression is drafting an official communication to the U.S. government demanding to know why federal officials are not protecting the rights of Occupy demonstrators whose protests are being disbanded -- sometimes violently -- by local authorities.

Frank La Rue, who serves as the U.N. "special rapporteur" for the protection of free expression, told HuffPost in an interview that the crackdowns against Occupy protesters appear to be violating their human and constitutional rights.

Yes, that "appears" to be the case. Absolutely no government on Earth listens to the queries and recommendations of the United Nations, but congratulations to the United States for joining the ranks of oppressive governments that the grownups have to lecture for acting like violent bullies. [Daily Intel/HuffPo; Photo via Housing Works Flickr]


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