Jackie Kennedy Was A True Style Icon – But Her Shoes Hid An Intimate Secret! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 23, 2020

Jackie Kennedy Was A True Style Icon – But Her Shoes Hid An Intimate Secret! Tabs, Wed., Sept. 23, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Two hundred thousand dead Americans. No ceremony, not even a candle, and Trump is blaming Joe Biden for being "anti-vaxx." (Mother Jones)

Sweeeet, Montana is having a "remarkable increase" in coronavirus cases, and half the twitter replies are fumbling basic math and repeating "did they die OF covid or WITH covid?" (NBC News)

Oh look, it's thousands of "the guy from Best Buy who just refused to wear a mask in my home after I asked him to and said if I wanted him to wear one I could get another dishwasher installer," all in one place.

It was really upsetting!

Hot Miles writes about why we should listen to Olivia Troye, former Pence and coronavirus staffer. — CNN

Yelp's local economic impact report. It's not great, Bob! (Yelp)

Jacobin thinks we should emulate Florida and Sweden on coronavirus. Jesus Christ, Jacobin, you total nards. (Lawyers Guns and Money)

How a 1958 police shooting, with knife planted on the victim, could show white-led media their blind spots, if they care to see. — UW Madison Center for Journalism Ethics

Talia Lavin talked to anarchists about NYC's designation as an "anarchist jurisdiction." Spoiler: They don't fucking think so! (Curbed)

Two things: The conservative justices are already at 5-3, so he doesn't need them to rule, he just wants the extra justice, and 2) he is trying to steal the election. Just two little tiny things like that.

Ryan Cooper argues that instead of packing the court, we should just ignore judges and tell Marbury to get fucked. That seems unwise to me! Maybe you'll agree with him! But if the court isn't there to adjudicate whether laws are constitutional and arguments between the branches, what the fuck is it, just your last stop when you're appealing Judge Judy? No, I'm really asking! (The Week)

I am just making Tucker Carlson confused dog faces now. Is he ... huh?

Is he saying that private companies that get federal contracts are banned from any sort of bias training in their own businesses? That he will use the power of the federal government to discriminate against private industry based on speech? That he will prior-restraint what they say? Government small enough to ...

I ... huh?


Here's the executive order, the first section is about Black Civil War troops and Martin Luther King being against diversity training, it's fucking batshit. (White House)

They're still claiming Trump has a health care "plan." Rude Pundit is rude.

Sweet post about Joe Biden loves Barack and Joe memes. — Daily Kos

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