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James O'Keefe failed miserably (again) to trick the Washington Post into publishing a fake story, this time about a fake Roy Moore accuser, so WaPo hilariously flipped the script and cameras on O'Keefe and his awful actress and showed them how to do actual journalism.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office updated its initial findings on the Trump/Ryan tax cuts (for the super rich) and found that Republican tax fuckery will crush the poorest people starting in 2019.

Steve Mnuchin and Senate Republicans are attempting to sweeten the Trump tax cuts (for the super rich) so that several skittish Republicans will submit to the Dark Side.

Republicans are deathly afraid that if they can't put the Trump/Ryan tax cuts (for the super rich) on the floor of the Senate today they may have to ask Santa Claus for a shitty Christmas miracle in light of the looming budget showdown.

Trump will lumber up to the Hill later today to talk with Congressional leaders about the impending budget showdown. Hopefully the effluvia and meat sweats won't be too offensive.

After Trump rolls his ass off the Hill, Democrats will slide up and attempt to strong-arm Republicans desperate for some kind of win.

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford issued his third annual "waste report," and it includes things like a FEMA program to feed and shelter people, an HHS economic development program for poor people and families, support for farmers markets in Appalachia, public transit in San Francisco, and an NIH study on Internet dating. So much for the $30,000 toilet seats.

There's about to be a HUGE problem for Trump as the 1998 Federal Vacancies Reform Act has a stipulation about the number of days someone can serve in an acting capacity, and most of his people don't technically have their jobs.

Things are so bad at the State Department right now that REXXON is losing his own people, including Maliz Beams, the latest person tasked with turning State into a well-oiled machine.

The DeKalb County (Alabama) coordinator for Roy Moore's deny-a-thon was caught on camera assaulting credentialed reporters last night. [Source]

A retired 60-year-old Marine colonel who makes busts of fallen Marines in his spare time and once served as an aide to John Kelly is trying to run a write-in campaign against ALLEGED pedophile Roy Moore. Apparently the Alabama Senate race hasn't become enough of a shitshow.

Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green came out and issued a statement with a former female staffer that the staffer once made and dropped allegations of sexual assault. Move along, nothing to see here!

Texas Republican Rep. Joe Barton's (gross) dick pic is a dream come true for Democrats who've been waiting for a chance to unseat him.

Illinois Democratic Rep. Louis Gutiérrez is expected to announce his retirement later today, and formally endorse former Chicago mayoral candidate Jesus "Chuy" Garcia. Meanwhile, Chicago's political activists are trying to shove Alderman Carlos Rosa, a Democratic Socialist, into the seat.

As the 2018 midterms loom, Orange County, California, is looking increasingly like another area where Democrats can wrest seats away from entrenched Republicans like Darrell Issa, Dana "The Russian" Rohrabacher, and Mimi Walters.

The guy tasked with redrawing North Carolina's gerrymandered districts has released his draft proposals ahead of the Dec. 1 deadline, and they would dramatically shift the balance of power in the state.

Back in the olden timey days of 1998, Trump paid over a million Ameros to quietly settle a suit from undocumented Polish workers who were paid $4 to work 12 hour shifts without hard hats, gloves or masks to make room for his first New York trash palace.

Minnesota state Republican Rep. Tony Cornish is being accused of "unrelenting and never-ending" sexual harassment comments, and straight-up propositions for sex by Sarah Walker, a criminal justice lobbyist, prompting Cornish to submit his resignation.

The success of the #metoo campaign has spread to Australia and includes numerous political and media figures, like Don Burke, who's kind of like Australia's Marty Stouffer with plants.

A Vietnamese blogger has been sentenced to seven years in prison for documenting a massive environmental disaster caused by a steel factory dumping a bunch of chemicals, including cyanide, into a coastline.

Three Chinese nationals from a Chinese cybersecurity firm have been charged with theft of trade secrets and hacking, but the indictment stops short of calling it state-sponsored.

SURPRISE! Facebook is still letting people buy horrible ads that are the very definition of discriminatory.

Don't believe the hype, in the bowels of the Hill tech companies are making out like bandits.

There's a commemorative 24 karat gold gun made with real meteorite pieces, engraved with the words "TRUMP 45" that starts at $15,000. And people thought the full-color Obama double-eagle coins were stupid?

Anderson Cooper had some talky time with Arianne Zucker, the woman from the Access Hollywood puss-grabbing tape, where she made it "absolutely clear" that "The tape is very real." I wonder what other tapes are very real?

CNN is so fed up with Trump's rambling and insulting and tweets that it issued a statement on how he is endangering embedded journalists, has anchors running commentary, and even aired a five minute package of war porn.

Keith Olbermann says he's retiring from political commentary, insisting that he's not sick, or being fired (again), but that he's just done screaming into the ether.

And here's your late night wrap-up!

Seth Meyers took A Closer Look at  Roy Moore: Child PredatorThe Daily Show has a brilliant plan to scuttle the Trump taxes; and Jordan Klepper was gaslighting sex scandals.

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