Sounds like James O'Keefe's Dildo Lube Boat Up A Creek Without A Paddle

Oh no, what's all this terrible news coming out about loser rightwing provocateurJames O'Keefe,perpetualfailure at exposing leftwing misdeeds?

He's on paid leave from his own undercover sting organization Project Veritas while they decide whether or not to fire his ass for good? Yep. New York mag has the whole story, read it if you want the dirty deets, but the non-detailed version is that all his own people hate him because he fucking sucks.

End of story, Wonkette coulda told y'all that a decade ago, piss off.

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In this post we'll focus on reporting from Will Sommer at the Daily Beast, about a hi-larious internal memo about what a real shit O'Keefe really is to work with. Sommer says this memo went to the board on Monday. Later that day, O'Keefe's paid leave began, as they also brought back two employees O'Keefe fired a week prior.

The sub-headline of the piece is "Employees allege O’Keefe wasted money on his theater dreams, berated staff, and even took a sandwich from a pregnant woman."

Yes, again, the sub-headline of the piece is that O'Keefe's own employees say he "wasted money on his theater dreams" (LOL) and "took a sandwich from a pregnant woman." Tell us more!

Working for O’Keefe at Project Veritas can mean being “publicly humiliated” by him in what amounts to “public crucifixions,” and even being required to take lie detector tests, his unhappy employees write in the memo.

“I would describe Project Veritas’ current environment with this saying: ‘The beatings will continue until morale improves,’” one disgruntled staffer wrote in the memo.

Gosh, and here we all assumed he was very emotionally mature and didn't have the sort of masculinity issues that would lead to that sort of behavior. Shocking.

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More memo:

“James has become a power drunk tyrant,” one staffer complained in the memo.

Surely they jest.

[D]uring a Sept. 2022 trial against a Democratic consulting firm that O’Keefe later lost, an employee complained that O’Keefe berated them in front of jurors because he needed something to eat. Ultimately, the employee alleged, O’Keefe took a sandwich from a heavily pregnant woman to sate his hunger.

“I was yelled at in front of jurors because he was hungry and then he took the 8-month pregnant woman’s sandwich,” the account reads.

Not from a lightly pregnant woman. He was hungry, so he took the sandwich from a heavily pregnant woman.

The memo details lie detector tests for supposedly trusted employees, vicious berating of employees, and what else? Oh yes, the improper wasting of money to support James O'Keefe's musical theater dreams.

The memo’s authors also raised concerns about O’Keefe’s use of Project Veritas money to promote his own theatrical ambitions. [...] O’Keefe, who performed in high-school musicals, has added a series of musical productions to the group’s repertoire, including an elaborate “Project Veritas” experience that involves O’Keefe dancing while wearing a bulletproof vest.

In December, Project Veritas acknowledged improperly giving O’Keefe $20,500 in “excess benefits” to pay for Project Veritas staff to accompany him to Virginia as he performed a lead role in a production of the musical Oklahoma!.

The fact that James O'Keefe is also a frustrated loser failure at being a musical theater actor somehow explains so much about him. (Remember this music video he made? Oh my god.)

“All the theatre stuff and how that is handled makes me very uneasy,” the memo reads, adding later, “In the end, we are in a deficit now, our fans and potential fans beyond do not respond positively to all of that stuff.”

What? Stupid easily brainwashed conservative idiots who fall for James O'Keefe's heavily edited sting videos don't want to go watch him at the community theater? The fuck you say.

Anything else?

O’Keefe is portrayed throughout the document as badgering uncomfortable donors for five- and six-figure checks. Other donors didn’t like his treatment of his employees, the employees say.

When a woman O’Keefe had asked for a $75,000 check requested a picture with him, according to the memo, he “very rudely” refused.

“She was humiliated to the point of tears,” the memo reads.

We'll let a psychologist deal with the issues of a woman who cried because she couldn't get a picture with James O'Keefe.

Anyway, that is what is going on. Everybody hates James O'Keefe, and a former employee quoted by NYMag wonders if Project Veritas can even exist without him there. "Quite frankly, he's the company," they said.

We'll just sit over here and root for all these people's continued failure and misery, like we always do. And if you missed that OTHER NYMag piece about O'Keefe from a couple weeks ago, the one that asked if Ashley Biden's stolen diary would be the thing to take down Project Veritas, now's a good time to catch up.

[Daily Beast]

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