James O'Keefe Totally Pwns Catholic College For Loving ISIS And Terrorism. Obviously.

James O'Keefe Totally Pwns Catholic College For Loving ISIS And Terrorism. Obviously.

Whey-faced adult virgin James O’Keefe (or his publicist) has been spamming us to take a look at his latest video allegedly exposing another college campus for being a hotbed of ISIS-supporting terrorist love. That way, he can fundraise by saying “Liberal blog Wonkette is attacking us because they are afraid of the truth that Project Veritas reveals yarrrrgle blargle poop!” Well, us liberals love to help out losers and their lost causes, so let’s give him a boost!

O’Keefe and his merry band of leaking anal polyps took their talents to Barry University, a Catholic school associated with an order of nuns near Miami. Why does O’Keefe hate Catholics? We’ll let you disgusting people speculate on that in the comments, which we do not allow. (Please remember, however, your Rules for Commenting Radicals.)

Project Veritas wired up one of Barry U’s students with a hidden camera so she could inquire about starting a club in support of the Islamic State, so look for James O’Keefe to make media appearances wearing a burqa so we’ll think his reporter was wearing one at the time. (Come to think of it, he should wear a burka at all times on general principle.) The student met first with someone named Derek Bley, whose title is Coordinator for Leadership Development and Student Organizations. According to the heavily edited video, the student told Bley

I want to raise like funds to send overseas and humanitarian efforts to help like the widows and like the children of people who have died over there in the Islamic State.

Helping widows and orphans of men killed in a war zone? Sure, sounds okay to us. Let’s remember that ISIS has occupied a lot of territory inhabited by people who hate its insane ideology, so sending aid to the survivors of some of the fighters who have fought it sounds like a nice idea. And even if you’re helping the widows and orphans of Islamic State fighters, sure, what the hell. Maybe it’ll show ‘em America is not full of evil Muslim haters. We’re cynics, but it seems like a better use of time and money than just bombing them even more.

So they are terrorists but like we’re trying to help them. We’re trying to like educate them and give them funding so that they don’t have to be impoverished and get involved in acts of violence. So that’s what it is, I mean, they are (terrorists), but we’re trying to help them.

Improving educational and economic opportunities for disaffected people to try and keep them from turning to terrorism against nations? What a radical notion. No wonder this obvious Islamist sympathizer Derek Bley was anxious to help out. It’s a wonder he didn’t interrupt the “reporter” to throw in an “Allahu akbar” every few seconds.

And they’re taking the approach where like you should create jobs, and help promote education in the Islamic State because that’s what helps reduce terrorism.

Your resources would probably be better spent in countries from which Islamic State terrorists are recruiting already-disaffected young men and women, rather than trying to change the minds of people who have already joined the organization in Iraq and Syria. Those people have been radicalized and are likely lost causes. But okay, do-gooder college student, part of a college education is to help young, idealistic people learn the skills they need to make positive contributions to the world after they graduate. Especially at Catholic universities founded by nuns. We can’t believe such a school would support students founding groups dedicated to charity work. Thank god for Project Veritas and its relentless drive to expose these unselfish children for the freedom-hating terrorists they really are.

The rest of the video seems to just be this student negotiating the bureaucratic steps needed to start the process of founding her little club of Allah-fellating subversives, while the increasingly bored-looking Bley nods along, perhaps while wondering what else he needs to say to get this ditz out of his office. Take this adorable spiel.

One of the things they really need is like flashlights. Because a lot of the facilities have been destroyed so like there is not a lot of electricity and power. And then also too like a lot of the fighters like they can’t see at night, you know. So like people are like attacking them and they can’t see at night and because like they’re so poor like they don’t have night vision and stuff? So they wanted flashlights so that they could like better protect themselves.

No? How about maps for the Iraq and such as?

So to sum up, this dipshit undergrad presented herself as wanting to start a club to get humanitarian aid to widows and children stuck in a war zone, sprinkled in some clues that maybe this aid was really intended for Islamic fighters, and because the mid-level administrator at some Catholic school didn’t pick up on those clues scattered through her incoherent presentation and constant use of the word “like,” Barry University does not have a problem with helping America’s enemies.

Good job, Jimmy O’Keefe! Make sure you show this video to your probation officer, we’re sure she’ll be happy to see you making good use of your time.



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